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5 Ways That You Can Make Sure You Stay Healthy at Work

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Working 9 to 5, Monday through to Friday doesn’t mean that you cannot make healthy lifestyle choices. To make sure that you stay healthy at work, here are 5 suggestions that you could easily implement into your daily routine.

1. Employee Life Insurance

Though you might think that life insurance is only to protect your loved ones financially after the unfortunate event of your passing, employee life insurance from YuLife can do so much more.

This employee life insurance rewards the living and inspires life, providing wellness rewards to employees for living a healthier life.

From physical and mental wellbeing to healthy eating, travel, and fashion, you can benefit from discounts, freebies, passes, and gift cards from major brands.

In addition to this, YuLife also provides access to a 24/7 virtual GP service and round-the-clock mental health support to make sure that employees get the necessary health care that they require.

2. Plan in Exercise

The NHS advises that all adults should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week.

This means that if you don’t feel like you have time to head to the gym, then you can still benefit from taking a walk during your lunch break.

Remember that any activity is better than nothing! A midday brisk walk can help you to be more productive during the afternoon, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, full of energy, and ready to crack on.

3. Sit up Straight

Did you know that 8.9 million working days were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal problems last year in the UK alone? To make sure that you don’t develop lower back problems, try and correct your posture when sitting so that you are nice and straight.

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You can also consider an adjustable chair, which can be lowered or made higher so that your feet lay flat on the floor. If you begin to feel any discomfort, take a break, and walk around, or have a minute stretching. Some modern offices even swap their chairs out for yoga balls to increase core stability whilst you work.

4. Take a Healthy Lunch

Let’s face it when you only have a short lunch break, fast food is always going to be the most attractive and convenient option.

To make sure you stay healthy, try prepping your lunches at the start of the week, opting for healthier alternatives that you can take with you.

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Sitting inside a stuffy office all day isn’t healthy for anyone. Whether you have large glass walls and natural daylight, or a neutral cubicle and overhead lamps, you still need to make sure that you get some fresh air.


Why not combine this with some of the suggestions above. Perhaps you could take a brisk walk through a park before sitting on a bench with your healthy lunch. Track it as a wellness win in the YuLife app and you are good to go!

So, even if you think you don’t have the time to make healthy changes to your working day, with these 5 simple and easy suggestions, you can efficiently make sure you stay healthy at work.


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