Step by Step Guide to Online Investment Success with Olymp Trade

If you decided to try your hand at online investing, you have definitely stumbled upon a great number of forums and other communities dedicated to this topic. As the financial markets involve working online, it is only natural that the majority of traders come together using the internet.

There is a wide variety of resources for newbies and more experienced investors. So wide that you can easily get confused by all manner of financial recommendations and advice. Some of these websites are actually useful, whereas others might be worthless or even detrimental, especially for someone new to trading.

Your first objective should be finding a reliable partner that will help you on your way to becoming a professional trader. The best option is to work with a company that not only offers an investment software, but also supports its traders at all levels. A good and trustworthy developer will care about the needs of all customers – regardless of their current skills. This is done via various types of accounts (demo, standard, etc.) and ample educational materials, so that online investors could find all the information and advice they need.

Newbie or professional, you will trade comfortably with Olymp Trade

If you are looking for a company that will help you develop professionally and provide support at all levels, Olymp Trade might be just right for you. The company has been around since 2014 and its activities are certified by the International Financial Commission. Over the years it has proven to be a reputable and trustworthy partner for over 16.5 mln. traders around the world.

These traders have formed a community that includes newbies, more experienced traders and professionals. They have all chosen a platform which offers an in-house trading solution for clients with different levels of expertise. All traders work on the same platform, of course, but there are several types of accounts and a wide range of diverse educational materials prepared by Olymp Trade.

Demo account for novices

If you are new to online investments, you will benefit greatly from the developer’s demo account. It is designed to familiarize you with Olymp Trade platform and provides free access to its full set of features. Each registered user will be granted 10,000 demo units – use them for trading activities without having to invest actual money!

Although the platform is quite easy to navigate, it’s worth spending some time on training and getting used to it. The platform advantage is that it’s not over-designed, so you can focus on the chart, available assets and analytical tools. Besides, you will get access to educational materials directly on the platform. Combining theory and practice will make your training more efficient.

Professionals can also use the demo account to test a strategy or try out a new asset. The demo balance is rechargeable and always at your disposal.

Standard account

As soon as you feel confident enough, you can switch to Olymp Trade standard account. The minimum deposit to start trading is only $10. The minimum and maximum amounts that can be invested in one deal are $1 and $2000 respectively.

You will see the same chart, instruments and functionality but you will be working with actual money. Thanks to the educational database, you can always and easily find a solution for your questions.

Olymp Trade offers various video tutorials and webinars. The topics include different strategies, indicators, psychological aspects of trading, for instance, money management and many more.

VIP account for professionals

If you are a newbie, you are unlikely to start using the VIP account. This product has been developed for professional traders and investors who are ready to work with larger amounts of money.

To be upgraded to the premium status, you should have a deposit starting from $2000. The company’s VIP customers get access to unique trading signals, strategies and risk-free trades. Importantly, you will benefit from a personal manager assistance. A professional consultant will always be there to give you useful advice and support.

Moreover, you are allowed to invest up to $5000 in one trade, and there is no restriction on the maximum withdrawal amount, just like for the standard account users. On the contrary, VIP withdrawal request receive top priority and are usually processed within several hours.

Join the Olymp Trade online investor community

Apart from providing a quality trading solution, Olymp Trade do their best to support the online investor community. Networking might be particularly beneficial when it comes to professional pursuits. It is often worth talking to people who work in the same industry. No matter what expertise you possess at the moment, you will find useful information if you join Olymp Trade communities on Facebook, Google+ or Youtube.

Ask your fellow traders any question about the platform or just share your experience and knowledge. There you can also contact the support team if you have some intricate questions or feedback you would like to provide. Olymp Trade seeks to make trading comfortable and transparent for everyone, so begin your online investor journey and make no doubt – it’s going to be enjoyable!