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5 Steps in Implementing SaaS Marketing

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Marketing now comes in different forms – SaaS Marketing, Content Marketing, outbound marketing, and inbound marketing among others. Businesses can now choose from a wide range of digital marketing strategies to get their products and services across to the right audience.

5 Steps in Implementing SaaS Marketing

However, SaaS Marketing stands out from other methods. Why? Read on as we discuss all you need to know about SaaS marketing and the reasons behind its increasing adoption among brands and businesses.

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SaaS Marketing Explained

A good place to start is the concept of SaaS. SaaS means Software as a Service – a marketing system that allows users to connect and use cloud-based apps online. This means that you are hiring the use of an application to allow your users to connect over the internet, for instance, through a browser. SaaS is the marketing method suited for such types of software as services.

Do you offer software as a service to other businesses? You can optimize your conversion rates by leveraging different marketing strategies. Let’s discuss how you can implement SaaS marketing.

Implementing SaaS Marketing – 5 Essential Steps

Step 1 – Ensure Your Buyers Have Enough Information

The buyer’s journey is a long and tricky one. You need the right content to keep your prospects on track and take them all the way to the point they are ready to take action, i.e., make a purchase.

Information is an essential pillar of SaaS marketing. You are competing with several other suppliers and products out there, so you should give your buyers compelling reasons to choose you as their SaaS platform. And the only way to do this is to ensure they have all the information required to make the right decision – to buy from your company.

For instance, if your competitors offer different price packages, you should follow suit. Asides from that, you can go a step further than your competitors by providing more useful content that helps customers understand their needs and how best to meet them.

Step 2 – Make Provisions for Free Trial Periods

People love whatever they can get for free, including a SaaS free trial. Offering a free trial is a proven marketing concept to achieve successful introductory sales. It is even more effective in getting new SaaS customers on board.

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Your free trial offer may come in different forms. You can offer a trial version with credit card information, a 30-day free trial, or a limited version for free. Your chances of having a successful SaaS marketing increase when you make your product available for free.

That said, you must have a strategy for how to convert these freebie beneficiaries into paying clients.

Step 3 – Website Conversion Optimization

Your website should be mostly about conversions. A potential customer should have various options of opting-in at any point on your website. You can integrate strategic Calls-To-Actions (CTAs) to take the potential customer across different pages.

For example:

  • Subscribe to our blog
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Get started with your free trial.
  • Get this free report.
  • Join the discussions on social media.

You can also link free and downloadable resources into your blog posts – something relevant to the scope of the post. Likewise, you can add a CTA at the end of the blog post and another at the middle for readers who skim through content.

These are ways you can educate your potential buyers and nurture them till they are ready to make that purchase.

Step 4 – Ensure a Thriving Social Media Presence

You need a strong presence on social media to increase your conversions. Target channels where the majority of your buyers are concentrated and use them for your marketing efforts and non-marketing communications with your prospects.

Social media is an excellent method of attracting organic visitors. All you need to do is offer useful content that shows how helpful your services can be. Likewise, you can also target your dream customers through specific ads on channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Step 5 – Let Your SaaS Sell Itself

While the concept of SaaS marketing may appear difficult, the actual process is seamless. It is important to consider various aspects contributing to the bottom line, including cost per lead, the acquisition cost per customer, and others. However, you should focus more on having an excellent product, reliable customer support, and great content that educates users and eases customer support pressure.

With your software and service ready, as well as all other essential elements, you are on track to let your SaaS sell itself. Lastly, do not forget to throw some marketing automation into the mix.


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