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11 Steps You Should Take for Beehive Removal

How to get rid of or get rid of the beehive in the house? The answer you need is quite simple. Because if you have read our previous article which was generally written regarding ultrasonic pest control, of course now you can take action. Since you have opened this article, there is nothing wrong if we discuss again the procedures or steps that you can apply to clean up bees and beehives that roam in your home. Read to the end!

Bees are one of the animals that provide many benefits. You can get this from honey produced by bees. But what if this animal nests open in its place? Of course, this problem requires special handling, you may even have to call service so that the bees in your house can be cleaned.  As we summarize below, you can do some tips to repel bees.  Of course, with simple steps and can be applied yourself.

The appearance of a beehive at home is certainly disturbing family members. Not only that, neighbors can also become victims. For that, you need to clean the house from the beehive as soon as possible before it gets bigger and more dangerous. For those of you who want to clean beehives at home, here are simple steps that you can use

Smoke the Honeycomb


One of the things you can do to clean beehives at home is to fumigate them. Smoke the beehive with a cigarette or incense, so that the bees will slowly empty it. When the beehive starts to empty, clean and remove it slowly. Take the honey carefully then clean the former beehive so it doesn’t reappear in your home.

Flush With Soapy Water

The second step is to use water and soap to get rid of the beehive. Mix water and soap in a bowl with a spray applicator. Spray this soapy water towards the beehive. Do this until the honeycomb is destroyed then clean it so that there are no parts left.

Choose the Right Time

You can choose the transition season from rainy to dry to get rid of beehives. In this season, the bee population is low. In addition, it is recommended to clean this beehive in the morning and evening to make it easier and not to disturb the surroundings. Use insecticide to destroy them as quickly as possible before they get bigger in your home.


  • Make sure you wear covered clothing to avoid stinging. It can protect during cleaning the beehive at home. Usually, beehives grow in the corners or parts of houses made of wood such as windows.
  • When cleaning the beehive, try not to hurt or even kill the bees in it. Because bees have the benefit of producing honey that the body needs. Get rid of empty beehives.

Also, you take the following steps on how to get rid of a swarm of bees

Locating the Bees

The bees like to nest in areas made of wood, especially the trunk. And this can happen in attics, under tiles, cupboards, and so on. To do the cleaning step, of course, you have to make sure in advance the location of the nest so that it can be taken and moved in its place.

Looking for the Queen Bees

This may only be handled by an expert or bee charmer. Because you have to wear safety clothing so you don’t get stung by bees. But if you dare to do it yourself, usually the queen of the bees is larger, longer, and different from the other members of the colony.  Take the queen bee and move it to the place you have provided.  That way the other bees will follow the queen.

Doing Fumigation

doing fumigation

Although not recommended, smoking is a simple way that can be done. But before that, you have to equip yourself with safe clothes and materials used to emit smoke.  Materials that you can use are sepat or burnt coconut fibers. The goal is to get the bees out of the hive so you can move them.

Making Traps

Bees are very common to produce honey and are usually obtained from flower nectar in the environment.  But for today’s era, it has received a lot of fresh interest because the construction of houses is so fast. Of course, this can also be a gap for you. To trap the existing bees, you can make sugar liquid that is placed in a jar.  Cover with plastic and the edges are tied with rubber.  Give a little hole for the bees to enter and the bees will be trapped in it.

Renovate the House

Even though you have done a total cleaning, there are many possibilities that it will still leave marks and allow the bees to return to your home.  One form of home improvement that you can do is to clean the former beehive and repaint the walls.  This will cover or even eliminate traces optimally.  Thus the bees will not return and look for another safer place.

Spraying Insecticide

insecticide spray

You can get ultrasonic pest repellers easily and you only need to ask the experts. You can even use spray mosquito repellent to kill bees. The most important thing in this application is the safety or body armor you use. Aims to prevent bee stings that you may experience. Insecticides will eradicate the bees and are best applied at night so that the bees are not aggressive.

Calling the Beekeeper

If there are bees in your area, maybe you can contact the handler or the person who keeps the bees. That way you can ask for help and just a consultation so that the bees in your house can be removed.  The bee handler will understand more and more easily how to move the bee.  That way you don’t have to bother yourself to follow up.

Using Services

In this modern era, there are many services that you can find on the internet.  By contacting a pest extermination service, of course, you don’t have to worry about being stung by bees or other things that have a bad impact on you. And a trusted pest exterminator who already has the experience, has a license, is more professional, and certainly will not disappoint you.


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