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StopLight for Simple, Easy & Efficient API Modeling

APIs have totally changed the online business scenario. Almost every other business looks for efficiency, wider reach, automation, apps, strategic partnerships, various integrations, personalization, mashups and of course they all want to be future ready too!

All this is possible only through APIs; but creating APIs is not that simple. It takes lot of time for developers to write tons of code for the API. The process is not just lengthy, but is prone to various errors too.

StopLight offers a better solution; model once, benefit everywhere approach! Using the visual modeling tools of StopLight, companies can create APIs in less time. Imagine the time you save on writing thousands of lines of code.

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With one click publishing, you can easily share your API with the world. Your API is hosted on a robust platform, so you don’t have to worry about the security concerns!

Results can be stored privately on your computer, or online when you need to debug a request with a colleague. Further you can mock, validate, and transform requests with Prism; fully integrated into the API Designer.

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StopLight is free for individual developers, however, if you’re a team and want to get your business on a fast track growth, you may subscribe for the paid option. Get your developers, QA, product managers, and the customer support team all at one place to collaborate on your API projects.

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The best part is that their tools are visually driven; so the non-techs in your team can also easily understand and interact with the techies.

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StopLight in Their Own Words:

APIs are essential to every online business. StopLight helps companies manage their API lifecycle. Our visual modeling solution removes the massive amount of manual effort needed today, and instead reduces friction, and improves efficiency, across all API stakeholders.

What Brings StopLight to the Spotlight?

It’s a productivity booster for API projects and teams!

StopLight Website:

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