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Why A Storage Lockup Could Be Useful When Moving Offices

Are you thinking about moving offices? Read our guide to see how to do it right.

Clear The Space While Everything Is Set Up

Moving anywhere is a hassle, especially if you’re moving offices. There are more people in the equation, making more problems. At least the first step is simple: get everything out of the office.

While you figure everything else out, your equipment (your PCs, printers, chairs, desks, favorite coffee, etc.) can be stored in a storage unit until you’re ready for it.

Maybe the carpet needs to be put down, maybe everyone’s working from home until the office is ready, etc. At least you don’t have to worry about where all the bulky equipment will be in the meantime.

Safe From Greedy Hands And The Elements

And you don’t have to worry about any nosey fingers getting a hold of your expensive equipment or products. Safestore units are well protected with alternatives to the traditional lock-up garage.

For one thing, there is 24-hour CCTV in place, so if something goes missing, you’re soon to figure out how. Access your unit 7 days a week with your own, sole, key to the unit during open hours. You will be the only keyholder, so make sure you know where it is at all times.

Safestore stor#age units are kept clean and dry with sealed, waterproof units so the weather isn’t about to have an effect on all that valuable electric equipment inside.

Rates To Suit Every Business

The best thing about Safestore units is that they come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs. If you’re a big business with a hundred desks on one floor alone, you can go for a bigger unit that will hold all the PCs, printers, and desk chairs until you need them.

If you’re a startup with a small team, you can slot everything into the smallest unit. Unit sizes start at 10 square feet, which is ideal for storing a small office desk, all the way up to over 500 square feet, which is perfect for bulk items or warehouse storage.

Handy Locations

Safestore has 130 stores in the UK and 49 of those are in London. It’s pretty much the case that wherever you are, a storage unit is nearby. City business offices might even be able to walk to their storage unit to pick up a spare computer for the new guy.

Integral In The Rise In ECommerce

It’s not just moving that makes a storage unit handy for businesses. If you have a lot of stock that you need to store while it’s getting sold, you can use a storage unit to keep it all in place.

Businesses get overstocked and others just somewhere to put everything until it can be packaged and shipped. In that case, Safestore can help out.

This can be particularly handy for eCommerce startups. Maybe you’re making clay earrings or resin trinkets? Keep them in a storage unit until they’re sold, and you need to make more.

Useful For Hybrid Working

And then there is the rise of working from home. A lot of businesses are embracing the hybrid working experience, which means slimming right back on PCs and desks and even moving into shared rented space. Meanwhile, the staff is sent home with laptops.

What do you do with all those PCs then? Well, some people are donating them, but if you plan on expanding and taking more people on board, you might want to keep a hold of your PCs. Where do you keep them? In a storage unit of course!

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