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B2B Content: Why Your Story Is The First Step To A Successful Marketing Campaign

It can be hard, sometimes, to know where to start with a marketing campaign. If you are running a new business, you probably have a number of avenues in front of you, all of which will require a lot of thought, consideration, time, and money.

Before getting started with any of them, however, it is important that you set up the first building block: your story.

A story can be hugely influential in how successful a marketing campaign turns out to be. Not only due to the fact it can inspire your own content but because of what it can do to the people who are engaging with that content.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why it is important to nail down a good story and utilise it during your ongoing marketing campaign:

A Story Immediately Says: Human

It is so easy in business to fall at the most obvious hurdle: failing to make yourself attractive to the average consumer. What we mean by this is that many consumers will switch off if they feel like they are interacting with a blank-faced enterprise.

As a new company to them, they want to see your face. They want to feel a human connection, and from there, they can build a relationship and loyalty. Your story can not only provide context to potential consumers but make your company relatable and human – from the get-go.

Your Employees Need That Motivation

A story is also essential for your social media marketing campaign, especially when it comes to acquiring a social media advocate – such as your own employee base. Employee advocacy can generate content that reaches far further and engages more online users than ordinary corporate content could.

But before that, you first need to inspire your employees to create that content and tell your story. They need to be on board as soon as they start working for you, understanding the values of your company, the context in which it was created and the heights you are trying to reach. They can then relate this story to the masses.

People React To Content, Not Numbers

Lastly, once you have worked out how to identify your customer base, it is important to market to them by creating something that resonates. Stories resonate far deeper than numbers do.

According to a recent study, it was demonstrated that the delivery of messages via stories was 22 times more effective than delivering those messages via facts. In essence, a story implies that there is something to tell, which means they demand engagement. Facts do not demand engagement. Quite the opposite, they are interested in whether they are observed or not.

On the other hand, stories have a narrative arc, suspense, a climax and emotional beats along the way that are designed specifically to entertain. In this way, consumers are happier listening to a story and making their decision about the messages delivered inside of it. This, as well as the other reasons noted in this article, is why you should sit down and brainstorm the best way to tell your own story. Only then should you begin the marketing strategy to get it out there.

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