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8 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Level Up Your Business

Customer acquisition costs are on the rise thanks to recent shakeups in the privacy protocols of tech giants like Apple and Google.

8 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Level Up Your Business

Anything you can do to lower those costs will only benefit your company, and we’ve got eight methods that will work no matter what. Let’s get started!

1. Know Whom You Are Targeting

The first step to any successful customer acquisition strategy is to focus on your target audience and drill as deeply as you can. If you’re an athletic footwear company specializing in cross-training, it’s far more effective to specifically target cross-trainers than anyone with an interest in athletic shoes.

You might pick up a few stray customers with a blanket approach. However, growth and ongoing revenue come from the people specifically into what you are selling.

2. Use Video Strategies

Video is on the rise as a means of marketing. Scroll through Facebook and Instagram or observe the effectiveness of TikTok, and you’ll see the effectiveness of video.

Invest in the production of your video. Make it short and direct in its messaging. Choose the most interesting visuals that you can.

3. Hold Giveaways 

People love free stuff. If you go this route, though, make sure you’re giving something away that your target audience will love. You don’t want to garner a lot of fleeting attention by giving away something popular that has nothing to do with what you’re selling.

4. Beef Up Organic Search 

Some of the best customer acquisition strategy examples have to do with organic search. People found your site because it appeared at the top of their search results when they were looking for something specific.

You can capitalize on this by beefing up your search engine optimization efforts, or SEO. This includes content services that use the types of long-tail keywords that comprise many users’ search results and creating content around it.

5. Be an Authority 

As you delve into the topic of what is customer acquisition, you’ll find that it’s really just about establishing your authority and expertise through the content you offer. As the old movie says, “If you build it (good, authoritative content), they will come.”

6. Use Referral Strategies

Another of the premier strategies for customer acquisition for startups includes a healthy and robust referral program. Put your people to work for you.

Reward them by referring others to you. This can be done with your existing customers or by building affiliate relationships that are mutually beneficial.

7. Leverage Offline Opportunities 

Customer acquisition tips should definitely leave room for the offline world. Get involved in trade shows, special events, your local chamber of commerce, and other opportunities that put you face-to-face with people. The more you do out in the public eye, the more they’ll notice you!

8. Optimize Funnels

Every web portal needs a way of tracking the people who are accessing it. You need their data, and you need the reasons they’re looking for you. For that, it’s important to optimize landing pages and get those folks into funnels that feed them the types of content that are relevant to them.

Customer Acquisition Is Important to Every Business 

Learning the strategies for customer acquisition will help you grow your business no matter what sector you’re in. Remember as you do to embrace the content side, establishing your expertise and authority while giving your audience what they’re looking for.

Don’t neglect offline opportunities either. Fragment your audience based on need, and they will always find what they’re looking for. For more marketing tips and strategies, check out some of our additional posts!


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