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Streamline your Business with a Virtual Receptionist

You might be thinking that a virtual receptionist is a robot that carries out the tasks that a regular human receptionist would, yet in actual fact, the virtual receptionist is every bit as alive as you or I, and located in the call handling provider’s offices, wherever they happen to be.

Distance is no object with the level of connectivity we are currently enjoying, and whenever your office number is called, a professional virtual receptionist answers on your behalf.

How Does it Work?

The call centre would typically have a team of receptionists, each with a list of numbers they are looking after, and the receptionist would be fully briefed on the client’s business, and would forward calls to the relevant person, or take a message and it forward it to you via SMS or email, whichever you preferred.

The virtual receptionist service ensures that all incoming calls are answered promptly, and you might be sunning yourself on the beach, and the call can instantly be relayed to your cell phone, and the caller will assume you are in your office. You can say goodbye to those missed calls, and one can never really know just how much business is lost to unanswered calls, which is enough of a reason to ensure that all calls are quickly and efficiently answered on the client’s behalf.

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Temporary Cover

You might already have a receptionist that you directly employ, and for most offices, this is the person who drives everything and keeps things running smoothly, and when the annual holidays come along, it really does have a negative impact on the business without your key staff member at the helm.

The call handling provider could cover for the time your receptionist is on leave, and, of course, should she ever fall ill, or need some personal time, simply inform the call centre and it’s as good as done. It can be a challenge to juggle things around at busy times, and there is an informative article about human resource management, which makes for good reading.

Seasonal Surges

You might have an online retail outlet, and Christmas sees everyone strained to their limit, as they try to process the many orders and answer the calls, yet with a virtual office service provider, they can handle any extra calls, even if it is only for a few days. Summer is also a busy time for some businesses, and it isn’t economical to directly employ extra people, just for the summer, but by calling in the virtual receptionist company, they can handle any excess.

The key to any successful organisation is connectivity, and the virtual office company offers a range of essential services for business owners, which include a prestigious address in the CBD, and message taking services, which are ideal for round the clock support numbers, which need to be manned at all times.


The services can be tailored to suit your needs, which means you aren’t paying for a service you don’t use, and with meeting room hire, you can hold that important meeting with a new client in style.

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.