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Streamlining Employee Communication With Software

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful organization. However, with growing remote and hybrid workforces, communicating across a distributed company has become highly complex. This is where dedicated employee communication software and digital signage solutions can make a major impact.

Employee Communication Software

Employee communication software provides a centralized platform for leadership to connect and engage with all staff. Core features of top software solutions include:

– Organization-wide messaging – Send email, mobile push notifications, desktop alerts, and more to all or targeted employees.

– Digital signage – Display visual communications on TVs and digital signs throughout offices.

– Surveys – Quickly gather employee feedback via pulse surveys.

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– Analytics – Track open rates, clicks, and readership to optimize communication.

– Personalization – Tailor and segment messaging to different locations, teams, or roles.

– APIs & integrations – Sync employee data from HRIS/intranet/other systems.

– Offline accessibility – Allow continued access to communications without the internet.

Leading providers like Beekeeper, Staffbase, Netpresenter, Poppulo, and Dynamic Signal all empower impactful workforce communication by making it simple to reach every employee through their preferred channels.

Optimizing Internal Communication

With powerful digital signage software, organizations can optimize communication across a variety of use cases:

– CEO messaging – Share company vision and strategy from the top down.

– HR initiatives – Promote programs, training, diversity goals, and more.

– Coronavirus response – Provide updates on health protocols and policies.

– Facilities alerts – Notify employees of outages, construction, closures, etc. 

– Cybersecurity – Rapidly inform staff of any critical security issues.

– Corporate branding – Reinforce company culture and values.

– Events & activation – Increase attendance and engagement at all-hands meetings, training sessions, etc.

– Field team communication – Keep field/frontline workers in sync.

– Acquisition integration – Bring together disparate teams post-merger.

– Crisis communication – Quickly mitigate any incident with timely internal communication.

The breadth of use cases illustrates the versatile value of modern employee communication platforms.

Digital Signage Software

While email and mobile are key channels, digital signage provides another visual focal point for reinforcing messaging throughout physical offices and spaces. Digital signage software allows organizations to program displays to show rotating, branded content, including:

– Company news and leadership messages 

– HR announcements

– Corporate brand messaging

– Event promotion

– Employee spotlight segments

– Infographics on performance

– Facilities and security notices

– Wellness and health tips

– Customer testimonials

– Industry communications

Location-based digital signage programming helps localize messaging for regional offices and international locales.

Key Benefits of Digital Displays

Digital signage offers powerful benefits:

– 100% viewable – Guaranteed visibility in high-traffic areas

– Engaging – Dynamic visual medium stands out

– Consistent – All viewers see the same message

– Flexible – Content can change in real-time

– Measurable – Analytics on play counts and engagement

– Integrated – Displays unified comms from software platform

Strategically placed screens give communicators a consistent presence across the physical workplace — a perfect complement to digital channels.

Continuously Connecting a Distributed Workforce

Between email overload, mobile messaging fragmentation, and remote/hybrid work, effectively communicating with employees has only grown more daunting. Purpose-built employee communication platforms streamline this process through centralized messaging, personalized content, digital signage, and analytics.

By leveraging the strengths of both digital and physical channels, organizations can keep their workforce continuously informed, engaged, and aligned. In a distributed world, ongoing employee communication is mission critical — and achievable with the right technology approach.


Dynamic employee communication software and digital signage work hand-in-hand to enable impactful workforce comms. Together, these solutions provide robust digital channels supplemented by powerful visual reinforcement throughout the physical workplace. As the nature of work continues to evolve, adaptable platforms will remain essential for organizations to connect with both internal and frontline employees.

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