Structured Presentations for Designers Made Easy with Maquetter

Are you an independent designer or a design studio?

Well, no one can understand the pain of client communication that you undergo through. It’s not just time consuming, but also brings additional workload most of the times.But, wait! Someone out there was exactly in your situation and ended up developing a solution!

Something that doesn’t just help them, but million others. This is Maquetter that solves the issue by presenting structured presentations of your designs. The solution comes in two convenient interfaces, i.e. for design presentations and client collaboration.

Designer’s interface lets the designers build project and presentation structures, swap the layouts and folders with simple drag and drop. On the other hand, Client’s interface can fully view the designs.

Maquetter logo

And all this collaboration is done with a simple link exchange, i.e. designer builds the structured presentation, copies the link from share button and sends it to the client.

Ease of use and readily available tools makes it a must try and the good thing is that it’s affordable for just anyone. $1.59 per month is not a big deal to test something that saves your time worth of hundreds of dollars.

Maquetter in their Own Words:

For years we as designers have been working with clients on various projects which always involved interaction with different clients through different means none of which provided a proper way to structurize and actually present the design.

Eventually we got tired of messing around with tens of platfroms so we came up with our own! Our goal was to make our and every designers’ life much easier by making interactions with clients as seamless as possible.

What Brings Maquetter in Spotlight?

Great structurizing of layouts, automatic numbering, easy sharing, cross platform compatibility and affordability altogether make Maquetter a must try for designers.

Maquetter Website: