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Sun LifeLight; Bringing Sunshine in Your Life

Sun is the most powerful source of energy on this planet and man has always been trying to adopt various means to tap this never-depleting source. Solar energy is being used effectively in many commercial concerns, but using it for bringing happiness in one’s life is something new.

Sun therapy can help to treat various conditions, for instance the natural sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D production, it also has positive effect of mood and sleep. So, if you want to benefit from the sunlight at its best, this article will tell you how to do!

Well, you don’t need to install any big setup to use sunlight for light therapy but just a Sun LifeLight desk lamp. The product simply packages the energizing colors of the bright sunlight into a stylish, effective and portable desk lamp which is monitored and controlled by an app.

Various studies reveal that the colors of bright sunlit sky has a positive impact on the happiness, well-being, productivity and various other attributes of an individual. The unique system of LifeLight allows you to interactively decide the amount of sunlight you require on a daily basis. It wont be wrong to say that Sun LightLife actually brings sunshine to your life.

sunlifelight main image

Sun Lifelight in their own words:

We are revolutionizing the concept of light therapy by building smart and personal desk lamps which are ideal for work stations. Controlled by interactive and responsive app, using these lamps is not only environmentally friendly but also fun.

Why Sun Lifelight is in spotlight:

LifeLight goes a long way in reducing stress and also addresses various sunlight deprived disorders including SADs which is quite common among indoor workers.

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