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Sunglass Straps Based off Your Style

When you invest in a beautiful, quality pair of sunglasses, it can be devastating if they break or get lost. Sunglasses can easily fall off your face when you go about everyday activities. If you lead a more active lifestyle, it is even more likely that you will have times when your sunglasses won’t stay in place.

One of the best ways to prevent your sunglasses from getting broken or lost is to have a strap that keeps them secure on your neck. Naturally, if they fall off, they will hang off your neck instead of hitting the ground. There are a lot of styles of straps from which you can choose. The important thing is to match your strap to your lifestyle and aesthetic.


If you like playing sports and exercising, you will want a strap for your sunglasses designed to fit that lifestyle. The sport straps are designed to keep your sunglasses safe and secure on your head during rigorous physical activity. They are made to adjust so that they fit nicely on your head.

They are usually made from waterproof and elastic materials to stand up to an active lifestyle while being comfortable.

The straps are typically available in various patterns and colors so that you can match them to your unique style. There are bright colors, neutral colors, muted colors, and more. You can even change them out, so the strap matches your outfit. There are straps to go with every brand.

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You can find them to fit any sporty brand of sunglasses, like Costa del Mar. Visit the GlassesUSA website to shop Costa Del Mar sunglasses.

Sporty straps can be a little expensive, especially if you need more premium features like buoyancy. However, if you like hiking, swimming, fishing, and other outdoor sports, it is worth spending a little extra money to ensure your sunglasses are safe.


There are a lot of jobs where you might need straps for your glasses. If you regularly have to go to construction sites or client meetings, you may find that you need a strap to keep your sunglasses safe.

Much like sporty straps, the retainers you wear for work need to have a snug but comfortable fit. You don’t want long straps that might get in the way of your ability to do your job. Also, with longer straps, even in a calm office setting, your glasses may fall far enough that they hit a desk and break.

The number of material options expands when you don’t have to worry about the strap’s durability. In addition to the more elastic sporty straps, you can also look at more stylish straps made from leather or beads. The strap doesn’t necessarily have to tighten around your head; it just has to be snug enough to keep your sunglasses from falling more than a few inches.


If you live a more casual, relaxed lifestyle, you have the freedom to go with any of the stylistic options available for sunglasses retainers. You can match your straps to your style even more closely.

If you like the boho look, you can find straps with beads, tassels, feathers, even seashells. If you are looking for something a little more elegant, a chain either by itself or with delicate beads might be what you’re looking for. A box chain is a good option for a more modern look.

There are several woven styles that are more tribal-inspired if you prefer the hipster aesthetic. There are also various leather and vegan leather styles that are rustic, boho, or neutral to go with any look.

Nylon straps that are braided and anti-slip are a solid, durable casual option that provides you with various color and pattern choices. They are also a good option if you like to go from work to home without changing straps.

Fit Your Style

No matter what type of sunglasses you rock, sunglasses straps fit every style and need. You may find that you end up with several go-to retainers so that you can mix and match straps to different situations. Or you might have one style of retainer that complements a particular pair of sunglasses if you have more than one.

However you go about it, make sure you are getting a strap you like to fit your lifestyle.


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