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Sunshine; Faster, Secure and Limitless File Transfer without Cloud

We all know the pain of email attachments being rejected especially when didn’t know the upper limit on a file size. The emergence of file hosting websites healed that pain, but all of them have their own limits.

MediaFire, RapidShare, Dropbox, Google Drive; all allow you a limited space on their cloud and thus you can share a limited amount of data. You may want to go with the paid versions, but that doesn’t bring the speed upgrade!

Well, the good news is that, now you can transfer, stream, or download large files instantly without the cloud. It’s Sunshine App that allows you to transfer files of any size, directly across all devices, irrespective of the operating system. Sunshine uses hybrid P2P technology to securely transfer your files without the cloud.

sunshine main image

This direct sharing is faster and more secure. The transfer speed is 10 times faster than Dropbox. And yes, you don’t have to worry about security, as Sunshine uses two separate, complex authentication systems, which allow each device to only see part of encryption. All unidentified requests are blocked.

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The best thing among all the features is that the speedy and secure file transfer has no size or count limits and it’s free. Share HDR photos, 4K videos, work documents, stream a 2-hour HD video from your computer store and play your music library offline, without any auto-sync or overwrite and have fun!

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Whether you are a professional photographer/videographer looking to speed up your work or just want to free up the storage space on one of your devices, Sunshine should be the fastest and safest option to do so.

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Sunshine App in Their Own Words:

Sunshine App allows you to instantly transfer, play, and download large files – without the cloud. While the majority of competitors are great companies that offer users a potpourri of choices, Sunshine improves on file sharing in the following ways: speed, security, and the lack of file limits. Sunshine shares, streams, and transfers large files at a rate much faster than its competitors.

Because Sunshine uses direct sharing technology, and does not send the actual files to a cloud or server, it is nearly impossible for anyone to access your files when sharing. More importantly, no 3rd-party (including Sunshine) can see the file of your contents; an increasing concern with data breaches and surveillance. Finally, Sunshine allows you to transfer or share almost any file type, size, or count – without limits.

What Brings Sunshine App to the Spotlight:

It’s fast, secure, has no limits and is free!

Sunshine App Website:

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