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Super Speed (SS) Portable Chargers from Tech Get Go to Give a New Life to Smart Devices

Though in use for merely a decade, the smart devices have become a fundamental need for a huge group of world population. It’s not just about being social or having fun, but with so many utility and productivity apps available on app stores, most of us cannot imagine a dynamic life without these smart devices.

Well, whatever the smart device you own, what matters most is the battery! However, all the batteries are prone to depletion, and you cannot just help yourself if your phone’s battery is depleted at the mid of an important communication or while shooting that beautiful view or even watching your favorite TV show while on the go!

Yes you may have the charger, but by the time your device is charged, that specific moment has gone!

Knowing the dilemma, Tech. Get. Go has built a wonderful solution; a Super Speed (SS) portable charger that can recharge in 8 to 10 minutes and provide 10,000mAh of power in your pocket!


Isn’t it something you’ve been looking for since the day one?

I am sure, all your power needs will be fulfilled at this one place. Whether you are looking for power banks, wall chargers, car chargers or USB cables, they have it all. For instance:

  • The PowerGo SS 5000 to charge your smart phone or tablet device up to 20 times faster!
  • 8 piece power bank station to keep the charge going.
  • 50 watt, 4 USB port car charger with optimal performance and lifetime warranty.
  • 40 Watt outdor off-grid power which is highly efficient and portable.

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tech get go image 2

Go to Tech. Get. Go today and get your dream charger for the peace of mind!

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Tech. Get. Go in Their Own Words:

In today’s busy tech world, everyone is on their mobile device. If your texting your friend talking on the phone or just surfing the web. You always experience your phone battery level completely depleted. What we have built is a Super Speed (SS) portable charger that can recharge in 8 to 10 minutes and provide 10,000mAh of power in your pocket. This high capacity portable battery pack charger will fulfill all your power needs.

The PowerGo SS 10,000 premium battery pack is your dream portable charger come true. It charges insanely fast so that you can charge your mobile devices on the go. It stores enough power (10,000mAh) to charge your smartphone 3-5 times in just a quick 8 to 10 minutes of recharging from the wall outlet.


What Brings Tech. Get. Go to the Spotlight:

Smart chargers for smart devices!


Tech. Get. Go Website:

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