SupportNinja for Startups Looking to Increase Efficiency

Startups being on tight budget need to take careful decisions; this is why they get into too much detail when it comes to hire new resources or get things done. Well, startups are not just on tight budget, but they are also on tight timeline; whether it is product launch or an upgrade, so getting into too many details for non-productive tasks is not a good idea.

Offloading the payroll, HR, social media, record keeping and other non-core business activities is one of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency. By outsourcing these activities to experts, startups can focus on the core business processes which ultimately leads them towards faster growth.

So, if you are a startup on tight budget and timeline, do not waste time and money on non-core activities; get all those activities done by SupportNinja. They have better hiring, training, and monitoring processes that will ensure a high level of consistent service for your growing enterprise.

Let it be customer support, lead generation, content moderation, social media handling or back-office support, you can find a customized solution meeting your requirements.

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If you’re a startup looking for remote people to handle tasks of any kind, i.e. recruiting, hiring, compliance and employment status or else if you have an existing team or need to scale quickly, do try Ninjas.

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SupportNinja in Their Own Words:

We serve SAAS and PAAS with scalable, repeatable human-based outsourcing specifically tailored to technology startups. We do everything from background checks for Unicorn transportation services, to photo manipulation for social media platforms and much more.

Economically viable alternative to scaling a human-based team to serve your platform or service with full execution and management by a dedicated team of US personnel to meet your companies metrics and SLA requirements.


What Brings SupportNinja to the Spotlight:

It’s a time and money saver for startups!


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