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4 Ways Sustainable Packaging Can Grow Your Business

The world, as we know it, will be different in the decades to come. After all, change is constant. Throughout generations, countless changes occur, making each one of them different (and arguably better) than the previous.

As humans continue to pursue progress, however, the topic of sustainability always comes up. Indeed, what’s a fully-automated smart home, with all the cutting-edge tech going to do if the world is just an inch away from destruction? This situation warrants action, and it needs to be immediate.

Fortunately, the younger generation isn’t left in the dark as the demand for going green continues to rise. This shift in their value system even drove some owners into incorporating eco-friendly practices in their business model, using sustainable packaging as one of the most common ones.

To know more, here are four ways sustainable packaging can help you grow your business:

1. It Saves The Planet And Your Wallet

As opposed to the common misconception, going green doesn’t mean spending more green bills. If anything, sustainable packaging is a cost-efficient strategy, which is why it’s the most commonly used among the available eco-friendly practices.

True enough, there may be a need to spend a little more cash at the onset of adopting this practice since you’re integrating a new element in your business model. However, you can do several gimmicks to clear them out. You can host a clearance sale for or recycle your existing, unused packaging.

In addition, sustainable packaging is readily available in the market. You can do the packaging yourself, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). But for the large-scale ones and those who prefer outsourcing, suppliers such as Packaging World and others are there to help you have green options.

2. It Reduces Space

When you take a look at market-ready sustainable packaging, you’ll notice how minimalistic they look. Since sustainability also entails reduction (whether in input or output), using earth-friendly packaging can help you free up space during shipment, which can also contribute to cost-cutting.

Moreover, having to fit all your goods in freight will reduce the number of trips the shipment has to make, which can further lower down your cost and improve cost accounting. If overlooked, freight costs can increase, which may harm your overall revenue. This is vital, especially for new businesses.

Big stack of brown boxes placed near the factory production line

3. It’s Greener And Safer

Sustainable packaging uses relatively safer materials to produce it. Not only will it lessen the chances of contaminating your product, but it can also decrease the chances of huge accidents that plastic-manufacturing companies are often prone to. Not only will you make your products safe, but your employees too. Taking care of them is fundamental, after all.

In addition, these kinds of packaging use hypoallergenic and non-toxic elements, which is basically a value-added service for people who are allergic to a variety of things. This will, in turn, increase your customer base, which would further expand your reach.

Aside from these, sustainable packaging lowers your overall carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the numerical representation of how much carbon you emit. Since carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most abundant greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, decreasing your carbon footprint is beneficial for the planet.

 4. You Look Good In Green

By adopting sustainable practices, you’ll increase the likelihood of inviting customers more successfully than your competitors do. Since you care for the environment, customers will think that you care for them too. While there seems to be a vague and fallible gap between environment and customer care, don’t underestimate human surface judgment.

That said, you don’t want your business to be eco-friendly just for grandstanding. The success of your business lies with honesty and sincerity. Being an eco-friendly business isn’t just a model, but it’s also an extra branding.

Take the food industry, for example. Having good packaging might entice people to buy the product, but the taste still dictates the final verdict. So, to fully maximize its market potential, working both on the packaging and taste is the best route.

Similarly, working on the packaging alone will not exactly amount to becoming an eco-friendly business. Ticking other important boxes is also just as crucial.

In Conclusion

To put it frankly, sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. It’s not an industry-specific job, and it isn’t a matter of personal disposition.

Adopting sustainable practices is helpful, but it becomes more effective when everyone joins hands in this advocacy of saving the planet. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you grow your business through sustainable packaging.


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