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System 4; the Most Energy Efficient Building Technology

Did you know that buildings consume 54% of all energy used in the world? Heating, cooling, lighting, cooking, cleaning, entertainment altogether make this big figure.

Well, it doesn’t just add up in the bills, but this huge consumption contributes to major environmental issues like acid rain, smog, and global warming. And so, we are destroying our tomorrow to get today’s things done!

Improving energy efficiency of buildings can ensure your savings today and a better tomorrow for next generations and Unit Solutions’ System 4 is something that allows you to build energy-efficient buildings.

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The thoughtful design and technology with an advanced modular plug in principle will make the building structure more effective, fun to build and Eco-friendly. These units can be easily employed on any type of foundation and even construction changes can be made very easily. There’s no dust during construction and no allergies risk later.

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The air buffer between the outside cosmetic panels and the inside of the building structure let the fresh air flow without any security risk.

The system brings in cool air when the outside is hot and warm air when the outside is cold, so you save the major energy costs.

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And yes, these building units are secure and meet all the regulatory safety guidelines. So, whether you have to build your dream home, a garage, shed or anything green, eco-friendly and energy efficient, System 4 is the best choice.

Use System 4 technology, be gentle on your pocket and on environment!

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Unit Solutions in Their Own Words:

Unit Solutions Introduces Breakthrough Building Technology with System 4. The Building system you have always wanted… but never existed.

The first easy to use building system that saves money while building. You can make money through 86% energy savings. It ensures health & comfort, overall well-being. Brings, ingenious diversity for homes, garages, tiny houses and sheds and reduces the use of resources with total efficiency.


What Brings Unit Solutions to the Spotlight:

System 4 is building innovation. Quick & easy for the DIY community!


Unit Solutions Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.