Taboola Raises $117 Million to Step Up

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Taboola recently raised $117M in the 5th largest round. This leading content discovery platform has successfully raised $157 million from seven rounds of investment so far.

Around eleven investors including Fidelity Management & Research, Comcast Ventures, Marker, Yahoo! Japan, Evergreen Venture Partners and several others have shown confidence in the business plan of Taboola.

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The platform is investing a lot in R&D though its research offices in Bangkok and London and a major part of the investment is being diverted to the R&D to come up with better services.

Taboola caters to more than 350 million unique visitors every month and has more than 130 billion recommendations already. It provides a wide range of services including traffic monetization, content distribution and traffic retention besides many others.

Some of the top publishers of the world including Yahoo, TMZ, Mail Online and Tribune are partners with Taboola.

Various marketers, agencies and publishers has got leveraged from these services by Taboola and are satisfied. If you are looking for high quality audience generation and retention then Taboola has a lot to offer to you.

It has also acquired Perfect Market which provides digital publishing software solution to enhance its services further. The main reason why it stands out amongst others is due to its algorithmic innovation which is quite effective and bring desired results.

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