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Tabulate; All What Your Smartphone & Tablet Need

As smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives, we cannot simply move without them. That’s why we carry them everywhere we go.

We all love the slimmer and slicker designs, but it makes quite uncomfortable to carry such a sleek smartphone or tablet safely, especially while being on the move.  Cases and covers do not address this problem as they cannot be customized easily.

Tabulate has come up with a perfect phone and tablet case that allows the users to keep their smart devices comfortably handy. Tabulate provides adequate grip and protection to your devices and consist of slots in which you can keep items including bus tickets, USB drives, stylus and much more.

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As the users adopt various modes of commuting, the versatile range of mounting options available with this product can be of great use. You will find car mounts, wall mounts, bike mounts and a lot more stuff for just any situation.

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That’s not all; using Tabulate prevents cramping, wrist strain and juggling your device. It’s surely a small investment that comes with huge benefits for long time!

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Tabulate in Their Own Words:

Tabulate has developed the perfect Tablet and Phone case that allows you to keep everything they need on hand and use your devices more comfortably during any activity with our proprietary grip. This is the super productive and media hungry commuter’s gear. The perfect addition to a commuter’s everyday carry.

Tabulate makes the use of your Tablet extremely convenient in any situation, it allows you to keep everything you need on hand – stylus, pen, headphones, commute tickets, USB drives and much more. The best thing is that it allows for extremely versatile use. There are wall mounts, stands, bike mounts, hooks and even car mounts. Tabulate works in all those situations.

What Brings Tabulate to the Spotlight:

An all in one, customizable cover for your smart devices.

Tabulate Website:

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