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Headliner; Redefining the Traditional News Broadcast in Most Entertaining Way

The global media and entertainment industry underwent a big digital revolution in past few years and

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Postwaves; Productive & Unbiased Forum for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

If you have ever used Reddit, Digg and other entertainment, social networking, and news websites where

Rediscover the Classics with iCalssics Collection

According to recent researches in cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience, the deep reading makes us smarter

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It was 200 BC, when people used to send messages along the Great Wall of China

Say Hi; The Next Generation Text Messaging at the Speed of Thought

We all love text messaging more than any other mobile phone app! It’s immediate, personal, doesn’t

Celebrity News, Interviews & Gossips in Quick Read with CelebrityNews.io

Whether it’s Oscar’s red carpet or the tabloids lining supermarket checkout lines, we see that celebrity