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Rook; the World’s First Fly-From-Anywhere Home Drone by Eighty Nine Robotics

Commercial drones are doing successful business, but not all of them are easy to use.  The

Doneo Castle Destroys the Viruses Before They Infect Your Device

Laptops, tablet, mobile phones and other smart devices are open to a number of different threats;

Sesame Cognitive Messenger for Secure & Trusted Modern Messaging

Instant messaging is a great way to not just to stay connected to your friends and

Website Speed, Reliability & Security; at One Place with Snapt

Website development has its own challenges, but the biggest challenge is maintaining it successfully. Well, it

ULU; Connected Car Solution for Smart Mobility

Fleet management industry is marked by various problems including passage safety concerns, high maintenance costs and

Send Confidential Information Over IM Secretly with KIBO

Though the lock screen option ensures most of the privacy on your cell phone, there are

Sync; Secure Cloud Storage that Offers Guaranteed Privacy

Cloud storage is a lifesaver when it comes to backup all the important documents. It’s not

Qwertycard; Simple Way of Staying Safe Online

Your password is the key to keep your privacy protected on the internet and with the

Keep Your Home Under IP Camera Surveillance with Beautiful Options from Ausdom

The world is changing everyday and we are a part of this change; the change in

Secure Your Home With Korner Home Security System

Home security is a hot topic of discussion these days. Even though advancement in technology has