Take Your Startup to the Next Level Using Kaizen Philosophy

Every entrepreneur dreams of developing a product/service that gets huge, but not everyone can make this dream come true. One in ten thousand startups catch the pace of sky rocketing growth and this happens when they get an ideal environment for such growth.

Well, as an entrepreneur you must dream of fast growth, but do not rely on “only fast growth”. Do consider a slow and steady alternative working method in parallel. This slow and steady alternative is better known as Kaizen method; a Japanese philosophy which literally means “good change”, with its legendary implication is continuous improvement or continually improving for the better.

Currently, the Kaizen methodology is most commonly applied in management and business (both production and services). It helps the entrepreneurs to better realize the business vision and gradually modify the processes accordingly.

The ultimate result is entrepreneurial success!


The core principle of the methodology is “there’s always a room for improvement”, which fosters the importance of taking small steps for constant enhancements, and doing so as a teamwork. It’s probably the most effective lean system for production business which emphasizes on ensuring the elimination of “waste”.


How to Implement Kaizen Philosophy in Your Startup:

Kaizen is all about teamwork; so you need to get all your employees involved in the process. They share their observations and ideas related to business processes optimization, increase workplace productivity, save resources, improve quality and safety.

Employees must be stimulated to actively participate in the realization of their ideas, and you may need a Kaizen expert to help you get them active. Moreover, attending training seminars can also help a lot.


Some DOs and DONTs:

Kaizen is a lot more than just getting employees engaged in the process of development. As an entrepreneur, you have to gradually improve a lot within yourself. Focus on your individual efficiency, optimism, and moving forward along with the company’s vision, and you’ll see a major change in long term.

Here are some guidelines for entrepreneurs to follow in order to be highly effective with Kaizen principles:

  1. Do not rely on your own expertise alone; do consider the wisdom of others in the team.
  2. Do not blame others; take responsibility of what you’re assigned with.
  3. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  4. Replace “I can’t” with “I can”.
  5. Don’t wait for perfection; 50% improvement is fine for now!
  6. Correct the issues and problems as soon as they are discovered.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you are not clear about something.
  8. Make decisions based on stats and not on opinions.
  9. Remember that improvements are never made in the conference room; so 20% on discussions and 80% on practical work!
  10. There’s always a room for improvement, so keep learning!


Remember, with Kaizen, the success is slow, but it’s certain! If internalized and used properly, it can fuel your startup for steady growth and can take it to a level which you desired.