Taking Advantage of Baby Naps; A Quick Advice for Mompreneurs

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Being a mompreneur is challenging; and every day brings a new challenge, not just in your home life but in your business as well. We have already talked about developing flexibility in a business run by mompreneurs and in this connection this article will talk about a few quick tips with which you can make better use of baby nap time.

Let’s start;


1- Schedule is very important; with a newborn, you may not be able to work on a nap schedule, but as baby hits three month’s mark, he starts understanding the day and night time sleep. Right from this time, set your baby on scheduled naps. Also, make sure that naps are not longer because it will affect the night time sleep then. Do check these time management tips for working from home parents to optimize your schedules.

2- Don’t nap when they nap; we all get tired being super active all the time. But this is the challenge we have to meet. So get ready and have a cup of coffee to refresh you! Regular exercise and a good fitness routine will surely keep you alert!

3- Use this time only to do the things you can’t do holding the baby; for instance meetings/video calls, interviews, preparing mailers, or taking notes, anything that needs writing and so on. I am sure, these 55 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs will help you increase your efficiency!

Doing the above will bring a huge difference and your efficiency will definitely improve. However, you may be thinking that how long a baby nap should be. Ideally, the baby nap should be between 20 minutes to 2 hours. Two hours is a good time slot for wrapping up important tasks, but you need to have a clear mind that what I need to do in this time and must not waste a single minute.

If your baby’s nap is too short or you want him to have a nap of upto two hours, make sure that he is not hungry and not feeling cold or hot. A full stomach and a warm bed surrounded by fresh air is the perfect setup for a baby to have a good nap after which he’s fresh.

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Please, remember that this is meant particularly for new mommies, and may not be equally effective as your baby grows because as babies grow older they tend to be more active and their sleep time reduces gradually.  So, you may need to alter your schedules as time passes!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.