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How to Start a Successful Tax Preparation Business

Are you tired of your job and want something new and exciting where you can be your own boss? One of the hottest job opportunities is to start a tax preparation service in your area. Countless people visit professional tax preparers every year and you could be one of them.

Many people think you need to be a certified public accountant to be a tax preparer, but that’s not true. If you want to know how to start a tax preparation business, then let us show you the best way to do it. You’ll have a great career that is guaranteed to be in need throughout the year.

Understand How a Small Business Works

Before your can start your business, you need to understand how a small business works. There are hoops you must jump through including filing with the city, your own tax issues, finding a building, and more.

Do you need to borrow money to start? Should you create a business plan? There are many questions you need to answer before you even begin starting a tax preparation business. If you have a small business development center in your area, speak with them or else contact the Small Business Association.

Start a Tax Preparation Business

Tax preparation doesn’t require a degree, but you do need to take a least one tax preparation course. You can also go beyond one and choose Universal Accounting School’s courses for even more education and experience.

You’ll use tax preparation software, but you’ll want to learn about new tax laws and changes every year. Tax preparation software makes the entire experience easier, but you still need to know the tax information.

Many tax preparers take courses every year to keep up with all the changes.

Choose the Right Market

The income potential for your business depends on the area and the saturation of tax preparation businesses. You’ll notice franchises pop up around tax time, but people need tax help all year. The best way to gain customers is through good customer service.

Before renting a building, check how many tax preparers are in your area. If there are many for a small population, then you might want to open up in a nearby town. Tax preparers have their highest income potential between January and April, so be prepared to work long hours through these months.

Build Out Your Business

While tax preparation is lucrative, you can expand that potential by adding additional services during the slow times of the year. Get a little more education and provide insurance or financial planning services as well.

This helps keep your business afloat during lean times. You also get a variety of opportunities throughout the year.

Start Your Business and Live Your Dream

If you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, then why not start a tax preparation business. It gives you the freedom you want and a high-income potential. You don’t need a lot of education and the software does most of the work.

If you want to learn more about tax preparation, then please explore our site.


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