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Preparing and filing tax return is a critical for any taxpayer. Some prefer to prepare their own return while others seek help of a professional. Yes, you can do it yourself, but it’s time consuming, takes lot of effort and you may not be able to do it rightly, especially when you have so much other stuff to do. On the other hand, hiring a professional is a costly affair!

Tax professionals charge fees based on their skills, education and expertise, but it’s not easy to find a cost effective yet reliable tax professional. Knowing the pain, TaxChat has brought the ideal solution. Now you can get your taxes prepared by one of the best tax professionals in the U.S. right from your mobile phone, for a low fixed fee.

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Isn’t it just awesome?

Simply, answer a few easy questions, take pictures of your tax documents and let your TaxChat expert handle the rest. You don’t need to take appointment as no office visit is required. And yes, you don’t need to learn complicated tax software as well.

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TaxChat has highly competent tax professionals onboard, so you can expect maximum ethical tax refunds for a low fixed cost. Everything is transparent and straightforward whereby you are quoted a tax preparation fee at the beginning of the process, which remains same throughout the process.

A must try for taxpayers who have other important matters to handle!

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TaxChat in Their Own Words:

TaxChat lets you get your taxes prepared by one of the best tax professionals in the U.S., entirely from your mobile phone, for a low fixed fee. You have better things to do than tax preparation. Let TaxChat handle your taxes so you can do more of what you love.


What Brings TaxChat to the Spotlight:

Tax preparation for people who have better things to do.


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