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Team Building Activities For Your Startup

Successful team-building activities are very helpful for budding businesses to build rapport and trust amongst their workers; good working relationships are believed to be able to make them feel good about themselves as well. More so, these activities enable better communication amongst personnel, boosted workplace motivation and collaboration, and enhanced planning skills.

As a startup owner, you need to develop an effective team-building event for your entire workforce – for them to feel comfortable collaborating and succeeding with their peers. Team building activities are said to aid people to perceive their teammates in a different light, allowing them to have a more meaningful connection with one another. There are multiple examples of team-building activities out there that you as an entrepreneur can tap into.

If you’re thinking of hosting a team-building event for your startup organization soon, you may consider the following below. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Team Trivia

Team trivia is an excellent get-to-know-each-other activity that can be done in both face-to-face and virtual settings. This activity enables your team to gather fun facts about their colleagues and develop a quiz out of them. More so, you can use this activity to reveal valuable information about your startup company so your team can get to know more about your business.

As you conduct virtual events for teams, you may run this activity as a standalone quiz bee. Alternatively, you may break the team trivia into smaller chunks and throw in one question at a time. For instance, your teammates will get to know each other better by allowing them to ask questions about someone new from your team each week.

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You may pull off this activity by creating a quiz question using a multiple choice poll. After each query and revealed answer, you must ask your colleague to elaborate so that your teammates can raise their personal responses. As you give each person an opportunity to share some interesting facts about themselves, all members recognize their similarities which allows them to develop a connection with each other.

2. Caption This

Another exciting way to ensure the enjoyment of your workforce during team building events is by using a ‘caption this’ activity. With that, you should show your colleagues a humorous or thought-provoking image and ask them to compose a funny caption. To perform this activity, you must upload a photo to an open poll and ask your teammates to submit answers into a text field.

After showing an image, give your colleagues at least three minutes to come up with creative ideas. Then, you should run a sharing round and vote for the best one once all participating members reveal their answers. If you become successful with the process, you and your teammates can develop inside jokes that only the people inside the event can relate to.

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3. Icebreaker Questions

One easy five-minute team building exercise you can try out is enabling icebreaker questions. An excellent icebreaker question may result in a valuable discussion, which helps your startup workforce socialize to get to know one another better. Some questions may include ‘what’s on your career goals for the next five years’ or ‘what’s your new year’s resolution?’

To carry out this activity, you have to put people in pairs via breakout rooms if you’re in a hybrid setup. Then, give people five minutes to communicate with their partners and discover something new about them. After these discussions, allow volunteers to share the most impactful details about their colleagues.

4. Scavenger Hunt

If you have ample time to create a serious team building plan, you may use scavenger hunt as an outdoor activity. This adventurous exercise is an exciting way to take the day out with your office workers as you improve startup company morale at the same time. More so, Scavenger Hunt improves employee relationships as you discover the location of your activity area.

Succeeding in a scavenger hunt exercise requires you to write a list of measurable things to do so you can track accurate team performance. This list may include taking a selfie with a total stranger or guessing clues that lead you to a specific tourist attraction in your city. Plus, you may consider partnering with another business entity that offers corporate scavenger hunts in your area if you want a professional team to organize your activity.

5. Two-Truths, One Lie

This game is a fun activity that provides your team the opportunity to get to know interesting aspects about their colleagues. In turn, this exercise encourages your employees to show off their public speaking skills in a laid-back environment. As you return to your day-to-day office work, you may designate top players to manage bigger roles, which boosts workplace communication.

To play this game, you’ll command the players to sit together in one circle on the floor or at a long table. Then, you should go around each team member as they take turns while they tell interesting facts about themselves. In the end, the listeners need to guess which of the three statements is a lie.

6. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are a perfect fit for team-building activities, offering a unique and interactive experience that transcends physical limitations. Through immersive digital environments and challenging puzzles, teams can collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate effectively, all from the comfort of their own locations. For instance, escape rooms offered by Escapely provide an immersive virtual experience that boosts morale and strengthens team dynamics.

Key Takeaway

As a startup business owner, you need to have successful team-building events so you can encourage better communication among your employees, smoother workflows, and the like.

With that, you must consider choosing one or two fun activities from this feature so you can ensure that your colleagues will enjoy the event. In turn, you allow them to get to know one another as they share career and personal details about themselves, which develops strong employee connections.

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