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Great New Technologies for College Students

We already talked about improving your studying process. And to make it even more effective you can use gadgets.

It is no secret that all modern electronic devices are designed to somehow help a person. But there are gadgets that, in addition to help, can also please with something special. It is these devices, the most unusual ones, that will be discussed in this article.

Being a college student is synonymous with looking for yet another way to ease your life. We bet you’d use everything at your disposal to unload monotonous tasks. Whether it is a professional writing service like writer24.com, a new AI assistant, or your friend’s advice – anything goes. And there is always room for improvement.


It’s the end of the semester, and you don’t have all your notes in order. What to do? Time is short, and you won’t have time to write off. The way out of this situation is simple: find an advanced student who has a smartpen.

This device will be able to transfer all handwritten text (if it is in digital form) to any medium, be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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For writing, not only digital is suitable, but also plain paper. Special applications, which can be found on the Internet without any problems, will help you make notes on photographs and other images, correct your notes, and immediately send them to the “cloud”.

The pen has a battery life of seven hours, which should be enough for most classroom activities.

Alarm Clock

It can be difficult for students to get used to the daily routine, and it is not easier for high school students returning from the summer holidays. To simplify this process, we advise you to get an alarm clock that will help you wake up naturally.

This gadget is especially useful in late autumn and winter when the sun rises late.

Another option is the “Flying alarm clock” that will not let anyone sleep. At the specified time, an ingenious device with a propeller begins to fly around the room, and in order to turn off the bell signal, you must first return the helicopter alarm clock to its place.

It is imperative to approach this process with enthusiasm, and then every morning with such an alarm clock will become vigorous and cheerful, which means that a good mood for the whole day will be ensured.

Electronic Textbook

The Ectaco company has presented to the world the first full-fledged electronic textbook for schools jetBook Color. The screen of the most modern electronic textbook is visually close to the page of an ordinary school textbook, and such a device weighs only 554 grams.

At the moment, the e-book has been adapted to the market of educational programs and teaching aids.

The new electronic textbook contains the most necessary materials for schoolchildren: a set of teaching aids for the 6th grade of secondary school, reference books on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and geography, an interactive periodic table, a set of books for extracurricular reading, graphic and scientific calculators, Oxford dictionaries with pronunciation recorded by professional native speakers, rapid reading course, linguistic crosswords and much more.

Such a new invention in the field of education is doomed to become an everyday gadget in the everyday life of students in the near future.

School Course in Mobile Phone

A new dedicated smartphone app will allow students to exchange educational information. Teachers can also use this program to interact with students, give them new materials and check the correctness of the assimilation of the topics covered.

Stylus Brush

For artists is invented the newest Sensu Solo stylus brush. With this brush, equipped with a conductive synthetic fiber, you can paint directly on your smartphone or tablet. The new gadget stylus is compatible with absolutely any touch technology.

There are other options for artists that want to try digital art.

Taking Care of Your Posture

All students are familiar with the problem of correct posture. It is not only bout the beauty, but also your health. A posture corrector can take care of your health. The flexible belt can do a lot. This is not only a device that tracks the position of the spine, it is your assistant, who will signal your mistakes in time.

If you disagree with its decision – take a look at the smartphone screen, where you will see, oh, horror – the position of your spine in real-time. A useful gadget is attached to the lower back, thanks to its extraordinary lightness, it is almost invisible to others.

Note that this is not only a posture corrector but also a fairly functional fitness tracker that will show the amount of distance traveled, the time spent in a sitting position, the position in which you slept. All this is displayed on the smartphone screen through a special application.

Another variant for your posture might be a really qualitatively made sofa or armchair with adjustable headrests and footrests. Furniture Meridian might become an answer for your search.

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A Miniature Cheat Sheet That Knows Everything

Back in school, we were taught that cheating is not good. But what to do when the answer to the question posed is vital? There is no better way to cheat than a smartwatch. The model has a miniature screen, but this does not interfere with staring at the gadget.

The presence of a slot for a SIM card makes the device even more functional since it becomes possible to access the internet.

If you think that the characteristics of the gadget will not allow you to play videos from YouTube, then you are wrong. It is worth noting the presence of a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to connect to an available network.

If you do not overload the watch, then the charge of their battery will definitely be enough for a day of study.


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