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How Text to Speech Apps Works

Written words online can be delivered in many forms, through webpages, through e-books, through emails, and more. Online reading has become something we do all the time, and most of us spend plenty of hours in the day just browsing the net.

How Text to Speech Works

The one big disadvantage, however, is that this type of content can only be taken in when the user is able to dedicate time to reading them.

You certainly can’t be reading online articles while you’re driving. However, one way around this is by converting text to a vocal format.

The Text Converting Process

Converting written text into audible words we can actually hear can seems like it wouldn’t be feasible. Not only is it possible, but it is also well-utilized in many places including in mobile devices you might already have or with services like Notevibes and Speechify.

With a few simple steps, anyone can use these tools to convert their written content into a form that speaks it directly to them.

The basis of how this works is that a process called speech synthesis is applied to text that is selected by the user.

A human-sounding voice is artificially generated and conveyed to the user based on voice clips stored in a database. Alternatively, the voice you hear can be generated entirely on a computer with digitized sound, sounding closer to the robotic sound you would hear coming out of a GPS.

Regardless of the method used to generate the voice, it takes a given piece of text and assigns an appropriate soundbite to it, stringing multiple together to form complete sentences.

These services act as curators, giving users a clear idea of ​​what it is they are seeing written before them.

It interprets the text already on the page and words are spoken based on what is written. These recordings are played to form a complete phrase that matches the text.

In order to sound more lifelike, online text analysis is used to combine pre-recorded vocalized samples to achieve a natural and accurate playback. If a common word “lamp” is written, then it’s a good bet that it has already been entered into the database, and will simply play the word back.

This has the advantage of providing a more realistic sound as it was recorded by a real person.

The Importance of Text to Speech Format

As the database of words to draw grows, text to speech converters can provide greater fidelity in expressing terms and phrases. You can also be sure that it preserves the correct meaning of the written word.

These tools are able to really improve your understanding of a written text. They can provide accurate interpretations that users might miss if they speed read on their own.

The growing population becomes more and more dependent on the Internet as they age. This service is useful in scheduling online appointments ort in reading casually.

These services will become an integral part of how users are able to surf the Internet and how they are able to interpret written words.

These services will help bridge the gap and deliver a clear and realistic sounding voice to whatever a person wants to read.


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