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TextEventPics; Simple, Private & Safe Sharing of Group Event Photos

Technology has reshaped our present and is going to restructure our future, but some things from the past are still too good because they are simple! Text messaging is one such option we love and use more than any other app!

Text messaging is private, safe and simple and can be a great way to share pictures privately. The only problem is that it’s going to be too costly.

TextEventPics is an innovation connecting the simplicity from past with the today’s technology  whereby using text messaging, the host of an event can ask all of the guests to text their pictures to their event specific phone number. So all the pictures will be live on the host’s online photo gallery.

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The crowd created live slideshow of pictures is accessible to the guests of that event only and the host has control of who is on the guest list and who can post directly and who should go under moderation.

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It’s surely an ideal option to keep your parents and others updated who are not going to download an App or else Social Networking is not their thing.

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Besides that, you can empty your mobile by shifting the photos to a secure place for a smaller fee.

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TextEventPics in Their Own Words:

Everyone has text messaging on their phone, but a not everyone is connected on all social media. This service bridges the gap to those who want to remain “offline”, but want to be included in picture sharing. Simply texting a picture to a special phone number is the easiest way to engage guests at an event and protect their data privacy.

We are bringing privacy back to photo sharing, with the simplicity of a text message. Using text messaging to send pictures to a private photo gallery online, we bypass the hassle of unwanted “friending” on social media and remove the need to hashtag, email and physically connect to a computer just to share pictures with those who attend an event.

We don’t ask for data permissions, like an App does, thereby protecting the privacy of the guest’s data and the privacy of their photos.

What Brings TextEventPics to the Spotlight:

It’s simple and actually private!

TextEventPics Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.