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The Best Technologies to Boost Your Home Business

Those who have never owned their own home business might think that it’s an easy job- you get to set your own hours, there’s no commute, and you never have to worry about adhering to a dress code. But what they don’t see is just how much hard work you’ve put in behind the scenes to make your business the absolute best that it can be. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to either make things a little easier on your end or improve your client’s experience (or ideally both). Check out these ideas below to see which ones can help you today.

For Photographers

You might already be known for taking some of the best pictures in your city and have your weekends booked six months out, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Take your photography business to the next level – quite literally – with drones, like these camera drones for sale here. These great tools are able to provide you and your clients with new, unique camera angles and almost all camera drones are also capable of taking high-quality, 4k video footage as well.


Just remember to talk with your clients about including drones in your event photography ahead of time if you do decide to offer these services and get a clear idea if they’re ok with their use and when to stick to the traditional cameras.

For Artists

If you’re a jewelry maker, sculptor, painter, or other kind of artist, your attention to detail shows in your work. So why not put that same sharp eye into your website? If you’re currently relying on your Esty store or Instagram account to display your wares, you could be losing out on future or repeat business due to a lack of a strong portfolio. Even if web design is not your strong suit, there are many artist-friendly web platforms out there that you can customize to your liking.

For Personal Trainers

As fitness wearables like, BodBot, Fitbit and Apple Watch continue to grow in popularity, many have started to speculate that the need for personal trainers will decline in the near future. However, savvy trainers should embrace this trend and choose to work alongside it, rather than against it. Some trainers might look into investing in wearable fitness technology that clients can wear during their workout sessions in order to have immediate access to important statistics like heart rate, endurance over time, and more.


If your clients already own and use their own personal fitness devices on their day-to-day workouts, ask if they’d be comfortable sharing their data with you. Not only will it help you formulate a better routine for them, but it might also serve to motivate them to keep up with their workouts as they know you’ll be checking in on them.


For Marketers

Whether you’re a successful blogger-turned-marketing consultant who wants to help others reach success, or an inventor who has decided to promote your product on your own, you know how hard it can be to find the right email address. You might have found the perfect target for your campaign, only to discover that for whatever reason, you can’t find their email address anywhere, no matter how hard you try.

startup marketing service

If you haven’t done so already, check out a service like Cision or Although the cost of their services might be off-putting initially when you’re able to find a majority of your contact information for free, their ability to find those near-impossible email addresses, combined with their time-saving abilities makes them more than worth it.

For Freelancers

One of the most difficult aspects of freelancing, from writing to web development, isn’t the work itself, but managing your time and your billable projects. Keeping track of everything, especially come tax time, is highly stressful, and doubly so when you have related purchases or reimbursements that you need to account for.


Implementing an all-in-one business dashboard like Wave allows you to manage all the aspects of your freelance business in one place, from creating invoices to tracking income and expenses.

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