The Boss’ Guide to Increasing Workplace Happiness

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Happiness in the workplace is an often overlook or undervalued commodity. Yet, in the modern world, the mental health and well being of staff is of paramount concern for companies the world over. 

Did you know that 23% of workers report feeling burned out every day they are at work? As the boss, these figures are alarming and can have a big impact not only on the lives of your staff but on the success of your business. It pays to prioritize your workplace happiness. 

Keep reading for some tips on how to increase happiness in the workplace and ensure your employees come to work with a smile. 

Cultivate the Work-Life Balance

It is a phrase that is used often but never loses its value. The importance of cultivating a working environment that boasts a good work-life balance is paramount to ensuring employee happiness. It is also worth noting that statistics show employees work 21% harder when they have this good balance. 

Think About Employees Physical Health

Another element to keep in mind when trying to create happiness in the workplace is to always ensure you keep your employees’ physical health in check. 

The stresses of sitting all day and staring at a screen are becoming more well known and understood, as a boss, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees understand that they are valued as people. 

Creating an ergonomic workplace may be a little more expensive than the standard office set up of yesteryear, but it is an investment that goes a long way. 

Show People the Ladder

It is important that employees understand where they are in a company, but also where they can go. Nobody likes coming to work and slogging away in the pursuit of the unknown. 

By establishing a culture that is open and honest and shows people the different paths that their careers could take while working for you, is going to go a long way to building employee happiness.

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Learn to Talk, Learn to Listen

If you really want to know how to increase happiness in the office, then you just need to learn that it’s good to talk and even better to listen

Cultivate an environment that encourages people to stand up and raise their voice, and ensure that you, as their boss, actively listen to what is being said, but also, keep an ear out for what is not said too. 

Never Underestimate the Importance of Workplace Happiness

For many bosses, it is all too easy to get lost in the grind and focus solely on business growth in the form of maximizing profits and seeking out that elusive synergy everybody talks about these days. 

Yet true success is born from much closer to home, and by going the extra mile and making sure that you prioritize workplace happiness and the well being of your staff. 

You will find that they reward you and your business with far more than just a smile.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.