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The Importance of Being Resilient for Entrepreneurs & Managers

It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever had the perfect career, where every decision they made was correct, and everything they touched worked perfectly every single time. As humans, it is inevitable that we make mistakes, though it is our ability to learn from them which has helped us to move out of the caves and build our modern society.

Every person is a little bit different though, and the way in which we react to failure has a major impact on our careers. Some will learn from it, knuckle down and be more focused in their work, while others will allow the failure to undermine their self-worth, and condemn themselves to being a failure permanently.

Being resilient is important for anyone, but for an entrepreneur resilience is crucial. The business owner is responsible not just for his own well being, but also for the people working for him. Tough times, fears, failures, and frustrations are the part of business, and the entrepreneurs must be resilient so he can turn his failures into success, manage the crisis and grow their business in a better way.

This article will discuss how being resilient can help an entrepreneur or a manager to outperform, achieve goals and take the business to the next level.

Intellect is Only a Plus

It used to be that you were more likely to get a really good job if you were considered brainy and intelligent. But, intelligence is a only a big plus for entrepreneurs and managers, it’s not a must.

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Waving a sheaf of grade “A” exam passes was supposed to set you on the forward path, though this intellectual capital, as it is known, is being considered as slightly less important overall, with the focus starting to shift towards peoples attitude and general character.

Psychological Capital Does Matter

Being intelligent is all very well and good; however, it is the way in which a person reacts to problems and challenges that is more frequently determining how well they succeed at work.

Psychological capital is about your optimism, confidence and resilience. Those who have it generally perform better, are more productive, more likely to deal with whatever comes along and bounce back amid stress and difficult circumstances. It’s the ability to “keep your head while those around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.” (Rudyard Kipling, from the poem, If.)

For those who view the glass as half empty though, there is hope, because while great intelligence appears to be God given, aspects of your psychological capital can be learned and improved with practice.

Being Resilient Matters Most

Resilient people don’t bow down to failure; rather they take it as a challenge, learn from theirs and others errors, and deal with the situation positively. Some people are naturally confident, while others are more reticent, though undertaking resilience training can enable everyone to be able to look at things another way, find another solution, or simply build their confidence through achieving ever more complex, but with time and practice, achievable tasks. Resiliency is about being positive about your personal development.

Being Resilient Helps Improving Your & Business Health

A positive factor to be considered with improving your resiliency is that it is generally considered to be beneficial for your overall health. Negative emotions such as fear, distress and lack of hope decrease your ability to deal with problems and drag you down physically, weakening your immune system, leaving you open to further lows in a vicious circle. It is unlikely that stress is ever going to be removed from the work place, so the best option would appear to be learning to take it in your stride.

We can’t be impervious to problems and stress, but dealing with such matters positively and reaching a satisfactory outcome, will improve your sense of well-being, leaving you feeling way better about yourself and life in general than if you had just allowed yourself to accept defeat, with subsequent further lows probably headed your way, simply from your frame of mind. And, your business will be healthy only when run by a healthy mind!

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