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The 5 P’s of GMP: A Better Understanding

You can not talk about Best Practices without the inclusion of the five Ps of  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is the bane of most successful manufacturing companies because, without a complete tolerance of the five Ps, your organization is as good as null.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a method of making sure that all manufactured products are regularly produced and adhere to the quality or standards expected. 

GMP is structured in a way that helps to reduce the dangers associated with the production of pharmaceutical products, especially those dangers that cannot be prevented after the consumption of the finished products.

The 5 P’s of GMP: A Better Understanding

For GMP to be truly effective, the 5 Ps should be adopted squarely. 

The Good Manufacturing Practices mostly apply to Pharmaceutical companies and companies that manufacture consumables. We will be looking at the 5 Ps that uphold this concept. 

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A manufacturing company is nothing without the people that run its activities. This is an indispensable part of it. The people are the heart of any organization and must be trained in line with the desired output of the company.

Roles and responsibilities are delegated to make labor efficient and faster. This comes top of the list because, without this, the other Ps are redundant. 

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The people employed in any manufacturing company must adhere to the rules and procedures put in place for its smooth run.

By procedures we mean, proper documentation and recording of all that goes on in the company, adequate reports of deviations when they take place, and any other important process that needs to be accounted for. 


This carries the weight of the need a manufacturing company seeks to solve. This need spurred research, investment of time, money, human and other resources.

Therefore, a manufacturing company’s inability to replicate what the mind conveyed into a physical product that truly satisfies the envisaged need, poses a big threat to the longevity and integrity of the said company. Hence, the need to have specifications for raw materials, components, intermediate, and finished products.

Seek the best and most hygienic way to manufacture, package, sample, test, stability records, and status control.

Premises and Equipment

The premises and equipment of manufacturing companies must aspire to be structured in a way that allows effective cleaning and prevents cross-contamination. 

The equipment and premises are validated, calibrated, have procedures, schedules, and records. The functional performance of the aforementioned helps to keep rodents and pests away from one’s manufacturing company. 

Also, if you’re wondering how to keep mice out of manufacturing facilities, you must have a thoroughly thought-out drain design. A design that ensures that all entry points are sealed or closed. 

Apart from regular checks of equipment and machinery, sanitation checks must be executed to erode pests consistently. 


Processes involved in manufacturing must be clearly defined, through consistency and documentation.  This has proven over time to aid the unhindered flow of production.  In this aspect of production, critical steps must be identified, and provision for flexible change of control procedures

Through the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and other consumables, if the 5 outlined Ps can be followed correctly, then they can reduce the risk of not just cross-contamination and errors but also result in the availability of good quality products.


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