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4 Things to Avoid when Shopping for a Proxy Provider

Do you wish to use the web safely and overcome cyber threats? Do you want online privacy and the ability to access geo-restricted content?

Then, you should buy a proxy tool that is reliable and secure, such as those available with discounts at Proxy.Coupons.

Here are 4 things to avoid when getting one.

4 Things to Avoid when Shopping for a Proxy Provider

Online hackers and criminals are ever on the prowl looking to steal the personal data of internet users. Visiting an infected site can expose you to security threats and hacks.

The solution is to use proxies to block these dangers by enabling your device to communicate securely with the websites you visit.

By protecting your online identity, proxies enable you to perform web crawling and scraping activities to collect needed user data. Plus, you can access entertainment content like Netflix shows from any location in the world.

What is a Proxy?

Proxies give you a temporary IP that replaces your actual IP address. In this way, they produce a safe channel for internet browsing.

Web surfing exposes you to multiple security risks as cybercriminals can identify your IP address and get access to your transmitted information. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) may store your browsing history and data for their security records.

A proxy allows you to surf the internet anonymously and with privacy while bypassing malicious dangers.

Why are Proxies Essential?

Now, let’s look at the benefits of using proxies and why they have become essential for secure internet browsing.

o    Enhance security

As discussed above, proxies provide an added security measure between your computer and the web. They, thus, protect your IP address and sensitive personal data from criminals and hackers.

Proxies are essential for businesses, too, as they protect from data breaches and leaks.

Most companies are taking the needed steps to manage the risks of data breaches. For this purpose, they can use proxy servers as they provide an added security layer between an organization’s servers and external traffic.

This makes it difficult for attackers to access confidential information in the place it is stored. You can combine a data security solution with proxy servers to enhance security through user behavior visibility.

o    Protect privacy

A proxy hides your real IP address and allows you to surf the internet anonymously. You can use a range of IPs to avoid being victimized by IP targeted info and unwanted ads.

If you don’t use a proxy, unscrupulous advertisers and websites might collect your personal data, browsing information, and buying behaviors to show ‘personalized’ ads to you. E-commerce sites might hike their prices just for you if they know your buying behavior.

Therefore, to protect yourself from needless ad bombardment and unfair fees, you should ideally utilize proxies.

o    Balance traffic

If a business’ website goes down during peak hours, customers will be affected. This might damage the company’s reputation. To ensure your organization’s website is always up and available, you can use services like proxy services, peering, and cloud info storage.

In essence, your website’s content and data are stored on multiple cloud servers across the world. Peering empowers your network to manage higher volumes of traffic.

But your customers don’t need to use multiple IPs to access your content.

Proxy servers offer an access point by creating one web address. The proxies can also ensure your servers are not overloaded by balancing the requests and traffic to each of them.

All these tasks function quietly in the background to provide a seamless browsing and buying experience to the customers on your site.

o    Faster speed

Proxy servers perform all the above work unobtrusively, making you think that your internet speed will slow down. But this is not the case.

In contrast, proxies can save network bandwidth and increase speeds by deploying methods like stripping adverts from sites, caching web pages and files accessed by several users, and compressing traffic.

These techniques free up bandwidth on networks, allowing you to browse the web in a faster and more comfortable manner.

Four Things to Avoid when Choosing a Proxy Provider

To avail of the best proxy service, you should select a quality provider.

Proxy services come with limitations that you should be aware of while choosing a provider. Do your homework and ensure the service you pick doesn’t have the following drawbacks.

o    Limitations on browsing speed

Poor-quality proxy servers may not be fast, which will impact your surfing speed. You’ll not be able to get the full rate offered by your ISP.

This will slow down your uploading and downloading abilities, and you may have to experience painful buffering when you watch media like videos. Therefore, avoid slow proxy services as they will hamper your productivity and enjoyment when you use the internet.

o    Limited number of servers

Some proxy providers may offer excellent IP rotation and customer service, but only a limited number of servers in their pool. This is a drawback as a proxy provider needs to have numerous servers in various locations to rotate proxies efficiently.

More number of servers means more IPs will be available to you. This will allow you to scrape websites and content platforms effectively and quickly without the risk of getting banned.

o    Unreliable support

Select a proxy provider that offers top-notch online customer support. You might not have access to the provider’s physical location and might need to depend on online channels to get help.

Do adequate research and read user reviews to know the response rates of different providers. Go for a service that offers prompt and knowledgeable support to resolve your concerns speedily and satisfactorily.

o    Unlimited resources

Some proxy providers try to attract more customers by presenting unlimited resources like unlimited storage, bandwidth, and data in their plans.

But there may be undesirable clauses in these features. For example, the provider might make customers use a shared server to access these unlimited resources.

Several people will be connecting to the shared server, making it unsafe and slow. In addition, websites may be able to identify your device and IP address, blocking you from scraping their data.

Therefore, be wary of providers giving unlimited resources in their plans and check the hidden drawbacks in their offerings. Do not fall for the ‘unlimited’ attraction, and ensure your security, privacy, and productivity are not compromised.


Proxies have become essential tools for secure, private, and anonymous web browsing.

Proxy providers offer unique features and also have some drawbacks. Read customer reviews about each service to understand their strengths and limitations.

Do your homework thoroughly and select the right proxy provider for your internet surfing and scraping requirements.


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