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Things to Consider When Buying a Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

In any food service business, regardless of how willing you are to hire dishwashers to do the job for you, purchasing a dish machine may be the best and cost-effective way to do it.

Commercial dishwashers are available in different sizes and different services you want them to serve. All you have to do is to find the right dish machine and the right size to maximize its benefits.

Remember, the number of meals you serve a day will matter not only for your customers but also to your business in the long run.

Consider the Types of Dish Machines

Undercounter Dish Machine

If you have diners, cafes, and similar business, an under-counter dish machine may be enough for you. They are considered the most cost-effective among the dish machines for they are small and compact but can process up to 35 racks per hour.

If your diner serves just on the average of 100 meals per hour, this would be the best option for you. However, if your diner just got bigger and better, you might need to consider purchasing a high capacity dish machine that can accommodate more than 35 racks a day.

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Single and Double Rack Door Type Dish Machines

With its name, you can assume that they stand up on legs and the washing compartment has one or two doors to load and unload dishes. This contains almost a similar feature as regular dish machines but there are wash power arms inside that cleans the dishes.

You can adjust the temperature to maximize the chemical sanitizing option as well depending on what type of cleaning and sanitizing you need to do.

Conveyor Type Dish Machines

These features conveyor belts where dishes will run through the machine and be processed by stationary spray arms for cleaning them. You will need to put each plate on the conveyor for processing so that these spray arms will clean and sanitize them as they pass by.

Like most models, these come in either high-temperature hot water sanitizing or low temperature sanitizing that can process almost 200 racks per hour. This is a good choice for those medium-sized food operations.

Flight Type Dish Machines

These machines are custom-built—and that means it is made for an establishment and can vary in terms of design and capacity. You no longer need any washing racks for you can put the dishes directly to the conveyor to do the job.

This is the best option for large establishments such as hospitals, banquet halls, university cafeteria, and dining halls because the number of dishes it can accommodate is bigger than the regular ones you can purchase.

What to Consider When Choosing the Size?

If you are serving over 100 meals, remember that there are likely 35 racks for you to wash and that is enough reason for you to consider in choosing the most appropriate dish machine to use. Aside from that, you must also consider the following factors:

Establishment Type

You must consider how many dishes you are serving per customer. That is a very good start. Casual and fine-dining restaurants usually differ in terms of a number of dishes used and at the same time, the number of tables turns and that matters. If your establishment is fine-dining, remember that there will be low table turns but quite a lot of dishes used.

On the other hand, casual dining or quick-serve restaurants may have higher table turns but the number of dishes used per person is minimal. On the other hand, other establishments may not have too many tables’ turns but must accommodate a variety of people all at the same time. So choosing a power dish machine is a must.

Peak Hours

If you are looking for other factors to consider, then this one is a must. Since you handle a food establishment, expect that on your peak hours which involve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, table turns are usually high and the most highly capable dish machines must be used to do the job for you.

Though there may not be high table turns, if you serve quite a lot of people on these peak hours, purchase a highly capable dish machine to work on them as early as now.

Business Growth

During these dish machine’s five to ten-year lifespan, expect that there will be at least 10-20% business growth and that is enough reason for you to consider purchasing one rather than to hire a few more people to do the dishes for you.

Kitchen Dishes

We should not forget that your employees also use different tools and dishes and will also need washing and sanitizing. This means that you must only select the most appropriate dish machine that can clean even the most stubborn type of stain in utensils and dishes your customers and your employees will make, you may check for additional information.

This way, you can be assured that there will be no problem regarding the sanitation of your utensils and everybody can eat peacefully because you chose the right cleaning machine to do the job.

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