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Things to Consider When Moving Offices

The business industry has undergone a lot of changes in the last two years.

Things to Consider When Moving Offices

As businesses begin the transition back into office spaces, it is the perfect time for a fresh start. Companies will move offices every now and again, and some will stay in the same one for decades to come.

 New office space can give your business a new lease of life and a chance to reinvent your company culture. Sometimes a new environment is needed to move forward and implement some changes in how you run your business. For example, you may need more green space for staff wellbeing or a larger office for a bigger team. If you are looking to change office spaces this summer, here are a few things to consider.


You need to make sure your new space is accessible

and inclusive for everyone. Your space should be accommodating of those who need additional support, such as a physical disability. Consider having a conversation with each team member about what they would like to see in a new office space and how you can best support them.

Can you see yourself there for the next X years?

Moving office can be a drain on time, resources, and money. You need to find a space that you can be in for years to come. Identify five key things you need from an office and stick to them when looking at properties. For example, a big kitchen for team lunches, two conference rooms, outdoor space, a few individual offices, and showering facilities.

Is It Easy to Get To?

Potential employees are likely to be put off if your workplace isn’t on a public transport route or easy to drive to.

Are There Additional Benefits?

Employees also enjoy going out for lunch or enjoying the sun in a nearby park on their break. Consider the surroundings of your potential office – is there a local supermarket or cafe nearby?

Ask for Opinions

Remember, it’s not just you who is moving into a new office space. The move will impact your entire team, and they should be considered in the process. Send out a survey to your team and ask senior members for their insight on potential places. Your team should feel involved and engaged in the moving process – this can help them feel valued at work. Strong relationships with your team can impact all areas of your business.

Once you have moved, you need to notify customers, suppliers, and utility companies. Make sure all of your bills are organized and arranged as soon as you move in to avoid any unforeseen costs.

Moving office can be a great team-building exercise for your whole company. Value each team member’s opinions and stay organized.


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