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Best Things To Do In Elgin, IL!

Elgin, IL, is just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, but it’s a whole different world. There are a lot of things to do in Elgin that you will be surprised by. With plenty of nature trails and outdoor activities, there are also plenty of unique stores to check out and local restaurants with mouth-watering food.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Elgin, IL, so here are our top recommendations for you and your friends! Read on for more information about what to see and do when visiting Elgin:

Elgin Public Museum

The Elgin Public Museum is one of the premier museums in Illinois. It has a wide variety of items in its collection spanning thousands of years of human history. Suppose you are considering moving to Elgin, IL. In that case, you will see a lot of t well-known pieces in the museum, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, the oldest baseball in the nation, and the world’s largest rhinoceros horn. Your kids would love this stuff.

The museum is spread across three buildings. The main building contains most of the items on display. There is also a planetarium and a research library where visitors can learn more about their favorite items in the collection. For all you are passionate about history, you better be moving to Elgin, Illinois. 

Bell Museum

The Bell Museum of Natural History is located in the same complex as the Elgin Public Museum. This museum specializes in the study of biology and ecology. The museum also has a collection of various natural history items, such as fossils and taxidermy. Visitors to the museum can view the items in the collection. They can also attend one of the many events held by the museum, such as workshops and seminars.

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There are plenty of educational programs for children and families too. So basically this is a perfect place where you can move with your family. If you don’t want to make a move on your own, there are movers in Eglin, IL, like Falcon Moving, who will do everything from A to Z to help you. 

Elgin Theatre Organ Society

The Elgin Theatre Organ Society is a non-profit dedicated to preserving theatre organs. These organs are usually found in old theatres and are a dying art form. The organ in the theatre is one of the last remaining theatre organs in operational condition.

The ETOS hosts concerts and events at the Elgin Theatre and organizes theatre tours to educate people about the instruments. Visitors can also purchase tickets to a live performance at the theatre at a very reasonable price.

James Shriners’ Circus and Fantasyland

The St. James Shriners’ Circus and Fantasyland are the perfect attractions for families visiting Elgin. They host two different shows every day, each lasting about an hour. The circus show is appropriate for all ages, whereas the Fantasyland show is meant for children over three. Both shows are a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids. They also offer discounted prices for children’s tickets. 

Baker Tilly Viewing Tower

The Baker Tilly Viewing Tower is a great attraction for anyone who enjoys getting a birds-eye view of the city. This tower is on the roof of an office building. It is open to the public as a tourist attraction.

Visitors to the tower can expect to see a magnificent panorama of the city of Elgin. You can visit the tower seven days a week. And that’s for free. Visitors can visit the building’s roof all by themselves. They can also pick up a brochure and zoom in on various landmarks.

Elgin Heritage Museum

The Elgin Heritage Museum is one of the most interesting museums in Elgin. It’s located on the site of the original city hall. The museum exhibits various city history items, such as antique cars, clothing, and photographs.

The museum also organizes special exhibitions from time to time. Visitors can also attend special lectures and workshops at the museum. The exhibitions, events, and exhibitions are all free of charge.

Elgin Zoo And Rainbow Gardens

The Elgin Zoo and Rainbow Gardens are the perfect attractions for anyone who loves animals. The zoo features a wide variety of exotic plants and animals worldwide. Visitors can see everything from butterflies to gorillas at the zoo.

The zoo has plenty of educational programs for people of all ages. The zoo’s gardens are a lovely place to stroll and refresh. They are open all year and offer a wide range of flowers and plants.


Does living in Elgin, Illinois, sound like a pipe dream? If you’re planning a move to Elgin in the near future, contact Falcon Moving today for a free moving estimate! These are some of the best things to do in Elgin, IL.

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