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Things to Know When Creating a Business Website Using Website Builder

One of the most important factors in successful business is great-looking website. In fact, it pretty much has to be a powerhouse in terms of design and technical capabilities, especially if you’re looking to compete in markets with plenty of opponents.

While there are plenty of ways that you can create a professional business website, one of the easiest and cost effective methods for a non-professional is through website builder. Many companies offer very simple drag-and-drop website making platforms, which create powerful website on par with those programmed from scratch.

There are tens of free website builders available in the market, but not all are equally good and it is wise to do your own research before choosing one. Moreover, it’s not just the website builder that contributes to a great looking and user friendly website, rather there are multiple factors that will contribute to the health of your website.

This article will guide you through all the essential factors to consider when you choose to build your business website using a website builder.

Let’s start!

1- When & How a Free Website Builder is the Right Choice

For an individual who doesn’t have lot of technical know how, a website creating platform can be a very easy method in building every part of your website, basically, from scratch.

You can create simple, yet awesome website for your business without hiring a professional web designer and a webmaster. However, if you require a website with complex functionality, the free website builder might not the right choice. That’s when you need to hand things over to a professional and outsourcing website development seems to be the best option.

Considering, you need simple yet amazing website for your business, in a very low budget, let’s proceed further and know how to develop a powerful business website using a DIY builder.

Many free builders have templates that you can adapt for your website. There is possible to customize some parts as well. There are a lot of variants to choose for your business. Of course, design features aren’t the only thing that makes free website builders such a great option for non-programmers who want to build an ecommerce website. Using a website builder, you can add many functions to your website as well. Some important things for a business website could be:

  • Contact form;
  • Blog section;
  • A clear main menu;
  • A section of some services/products you offer for clients;
  • Examples of your work;
  • FAQ section;

2- After Creating the Website

Here is another very important step. Just website will not get the job done. There are some things you need to take care. One of those things is of course month to month web hosting.

You don’t really think about it, but a good provider can not only offer you fast hosting that’s reliable but offer resources that your website will need in order to flourish. You won’t have to worry yourself with things like increased traffic, content limitations and other things that come with a growing business website.

Again, this step requires parallel research to find out the hosting service provider that best meets your requirements. For a quick overview of multiple hosting reviews, you can always explore WebHostingTalk Forums, but to make the right choice, consider the points below.

How to choose a provider

Support services – another important part of hosting is the support services that you receive from a provider.

Doesn’t matter if you choose a plan for a small website and you’re paying a dollar a month or bought yourself a high end dedicated server, the provider should treat everyone equally and provider the best support service possible.

Since hosting is one of the most competitive niches out there’s a very slim chance that you’ll ever experience bad customer support. Still, no matter what your monthly fee is, the support should be willing to help you with things like website setup, management and other stuff.

Speed – this is an essential part for any hosting, however some business need an extra bunch of resources for their business. If you’re one of them, look for a provider that prioritizes speed at the highest level for its clients.

Great speed from a provider also means that their good at managing their resources. Even if you’re going with a cheaper hosting option (shared hosting for example) the won’t any problems for you and other clients that share the same server.

Of course, growth possibilities shouldn’t be overlooked as well. Your website will eventually grow and you’ll need more resources like better bandwidth and so on. Look for a flexible company that can meet those needs both now and in the future.

3- Future of Your Website

This section will discuss the importance of setting yourself with a clear and accomplishable goal for your online business. In fact, it will be the main driving force for your online business from its establishment.

For example, a shared hosting is good for starters, but the lack of resources makes it a limited option only. If your competition has a speedier website, you might want to work on getting a better hosting provider for yourself on a later stage.

You may also consider cloud hosting, VPS or a dedicated server, when the traffic is higher.

All in all

Tools like free website maker’s can help you go in the right direction towards your business, but that’s not all, you also need to make sure that you are using best hosting and that’s how you have a powerful website.

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