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Things to Know When Investing in Feather Flag Banners for Your Business

It’s a long-known psychological fact that repeated exposure to advertising promotes a familiarity which ultimately drives consumer decision making. That’s why companies still invest in out of home advertising, despite the ever increasing number of social media users.

One such out of home advertising options is feather flag banners which allow you to save big for your new company. Feather banners offer a simple but effective way to get the attention needed for increased business. Banners that offer eye catching elegant displays waving with wind, attract the attention of everyone passing by.

If you are considering outdoor advertising, investing in feather flag banners can be a smart move, however, you need to know few things in advance to make sure you get better ROI on this investment.

Things to Know When Investing in Feather Flag Banners for Your Busines

1- Identifying a Good Feather Banner

The first thing to know is what makes a good feather banner besides the ad content.

Well, feather banners or feather flags are outdoor and indoor signage on durable weather resistant feather-shaped polyester material on a standing pole made of durable lightweight aluminum and fiberglass material. With a ground stake it can be placed outdoor in the ground or on hard surfaces and indoor. These durable tall feather-like banners are also made of a waterproof and UV safe polyester material that is compact, easy to move and install.

Knowing these details will surely help you spot fake or low quality products quickly and easily.

2- Knowing the Types of Feather Banners

Different names are used interchangeably but they usually refer to the same and similar banners. The names “feather banner”, also “flag banner” and even “feather flag banner” are all used to refer to the same banner. The purpose is the same, cost will be the same and they refer to the same thing when it comes to the end product. The choice of term used is dependent on who is speaking and determined by preference or habit of the person speaking.

Apart from the feather flags, there are some other types of banners that can be equally effective. These include the teardrop banners which is only a little different in shape and pricing. A retractable banner and the standard banner. A feather is a bit freer in its flow than a teardrop stretched and taught on its flagpole with a smaller area for the same size.

The feather flag banners are still the lowest cost per use for outdoor promotion displays on the market. It will last one to three years, depending on the UV exposure and the weather conditions.

Available Shapes and Sizes

Banners can be obtained in different shapes and sizes, depending on where you want to place them. Generally they come in the following sizes:

  • Small at 9ft
  • Medium at 10.5
  • Large at 14 feet
  • X-Large at 18 feet

All these sizes are measured as when the banners are on the flagpole. The different bases can also be considered to add to the height.

The Life of the Banner

Adding up the savings for your company from using the feather banner is the service it can give. With good care and the right storage, the banner can last for more than two years. Just in case, if you are using it in a seasonal promotion or for a trade show display you can store it for future use too.

Ensuring that the banner is exposed as little as possible to the sun and harsh elements will also extent its life. Extended direct sunlight exposure causes color to fade over time. So, this should be bourne in mind if you want to use it for a long time.

Components of the Banner

The banner comprises the feather shaped fabric on which the design or message is printed. Then there is the pole on which the fabric is mounted. The pole with flag must be mounted on a base or in a ground stake. The stake, a 25 inches piece of metal for inserting into the soil to which the flagpole is attached.

Apart from the ground stake, there are also the square base and cross base for above ground placement. The base, a solid 21-pound square metal piece with a peg, for anchoring the flag. The portable cross base has four foldable legs weighing 6.4 lbs. to keep the banner stable above ground. A 16-pound water bag can be added for increase support when placed outdoors. The banner comes with a pole bag but an optional carrying case is also available.

Assembling the Banner

The feather banner is a simple structure with no electrical part to maintain. No maintenance is needed, and poles are reusable. Putting it together is a simple process that can be undertaken single-handedly. Assembling starts with the largest piece at the bottom and fitting the next smaller into it to the smallest topped with a knob.

Slide the flag onto the pole from the bottom, avoiding tearing, or stretching the material or bending the pole unnecessarily. With the flag on the pole, it can be inserted into a base. Attach it to a stake or base and secure the flagpole cord and place it through the flag’s bottom loop then through the ring at the bottom of the flagpole and tie.

The Bottom Line:

Feather flag banners can be a very cost effective investment to amplify your marketing and advertising campaigns in long run, however, it requires parallel research and a careful purchase. I am sure with the above tips in mind, you will be able to make most out of feather flag banners for your small business.

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