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Think Like a C Student and Become a Better Entrepreneur

Most successful entrepreneurs had C grades.

Think Like a C Student and Become a Better Entrepreneur

How then did they achieve such success? How to think like a businessman? This article will answer all the questions.

Successful people with bad grades – myth or reality?

Students with a C are more successful in life than excellent students. You have certainly heard of this opinion.

Is this a joke or the truth? Why do C students do so much more and are better entrepreneurs? Scientists conducted research by interviewing millionaires.

It turned out that only 21% of them are excellent students. According to Forbes, business demands C students more than anyone else. What makes C students different from excellent students?

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C students who have achieved success are incredibly motivated and full of ambition. They are used to going the hard way, losing, and not giving up. They are not afraid of bad ratings, because they do not define them as a person. While excellent students value their A’s. The point is that the GPA does not show entrepreneurial skills.

The GPA cannot assess how well you are at solving non-standard problems. Grades are just an indicator of how you internalize the information given to you. And they have no way of predicting whether you will be successful in the future or not.

So what’s the secret to C students? Let’s see why C students are more successful.

How does a C student behave?

Competent selection of the team and social circle

C student does not strive to understand everything himself, as an excellent student does.

Successful entrepreneurs find specialists in their field and entrust them with tasks. This does not mean that they do not seek to learn something new.

Not at all, C student is constantly learning, adopting skills from his team and friends. But he does not take on all duties and responsibilities. The ability to find the right experts in your field and attract smart people to your circle is not so easy.

For example, when a C student needs an essay to be done, he can use professional help from writemyessays. That is how the team of C students will be filled with professionals in their field who will definitely come to success.

The practice is more important than theory

C student is not used to sitting at books, he can get into the essence of the matter and wants to try it right away.

While excellent students can wait for years until their school, college, the university is over, and only then there will be time for work. By that time, the C student will have already gained experience in different organizations.

The most valuable experience cannot be given in closed classrooms. For example, a C Student wants to be a better pastry chef.

Even with minimal skills and abilities, he will try to get a job in order to gain experience. Whereas the otter will spend years honing his craft at home through YouTube videos before trying to find a job.

The ability to learn from the masters of their craft is much more useful than the ability to master the theory.

Importance of having a mentor

Excellent students believe that they are the best at everything, that a book or a professor is their best friend. C Students very often look for a mentor for themselves.

A mentor is a person who guides you on the right path. He saves from mistakes that he himself once made out of inexperience. He also tried everything in practice and never spent hours on theory.

A mentor is not always one person. It is important to be able to learn from different people, from your rivals, colleagues, bosses.

A successful person is always ready to reconsider his views on the problem and change his mind. C student listens to the opinions of other people, he is able to think critically and question everything.

He also strives to learn from those who are professional in their field.

How to think like a businessman?

Desire to learn something new

Successful C students always strive for new knowledge. In building a business, they are always ready to study all the processes, learn about the best strategies.

It is a misconception that the C student does not want to learn. He just learns what is really useful for him and immediately applies it in practice.

A successful businessman learns throughout his life. He always has a list of what he has not yet learned and is going to study.

Business is a struggle

The student understands that running a business is not an easy matter. That success doesn’t come at the snap of a finger.

The student is not afraid of difficulties. Moreover, he overcomes them. And every time he gains experience. It takes perseverance, patience, and perseverance.

Building a successful business requires going through a lot of uncertainties, taking risks, and being on edge. Excellent students are not used to losses, their comfortable conditions are when they are praised.

The student knows how to lose, he is not afraid to start all over again.

Final thoughts

To sum it all up, grades do not determine your future success. To be successful, you don’t need to cram a 24 by 7 textbook cover to cover.

The student is ambitious and does not sit still. He works out every idea, makes a plan, creates a minimum viable product, and goes to put it into practice.

He learns every day, learns from colleagues not to become a bad entrepreneur. Grades are not an indicator of success; they do not guarantee your way to a brighter future. However, there are more important criteria that will make you a successful entrepreneur.

There are a lot of successful people with bad grades. And their secrets are presented in this article.


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