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The Styling Guide of Throw Blankets for Couch

This guide will give you some ideas on how to easily throw your throw blanket and make it look nice on your couch. Apparently, it’s a bit hard to make a blanket look good on a sofa. If you haven’t tried it, you won’t know, but for those who have tried throwing it on the couch to make it look good, you already know what I’m talking about.

After multiple tries and fails, I’ve learned my lesson and I now have the perfect way to style my Everlasting Comfort Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket – Soft, Fluffy, Warm, Cozy, Plush (Gray). So, let’s get straight to the ways to style a throw blanket on the couch.

1. The Fold and Throw

This is a classic one, just fold it in half vertically, grab it from the middle of the folded edge and throw it in on the corner of the couch. You can play around with the edges of both the couch and the blanket for a better view perspective.

2. The Orderly Throw

This approach is more of a structured look. Try it and see if it looks good on your couch. Simply fold the throw blanket in thirds lengthwise and drop it over the back of the couch so the bottom falls at the base of the cushion.

3. The Lazy Throw

This style is also a classic. Just fold the throw blanket in half and throw it over the back of the couch and with a slight angle spread it towards the bottom of the couch. Tap the blanket for a more casual look. This style of my favorite, I think my couch looks good with my Everlasting Comfort throw blanket on it.

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4. The Shoulder Flip Throw

Super easy and simple. Just fold the throw blanket in half, fold it over your arm and then slap it over the corner of the shoulder of your couch. That’s all, your couch is now stylish.

5. The Lazy Arm Throw

This one is like the third way of styling but instead of throwing it over the back of the couch, you throw it over the arm of the couch. It looks comfy, make sure you fold the throw blanket in half twice and tuck it between the arm and the seatback to hold it in place.

6. Over the Top

This one is almost like adding an extra pillow on your couch and it adds additional color, texture, and pattern. You structurally fold the throw blanket and style over the top on your sofa. You can also drape the throw blanket over the couch.

7. Folded Over the Front

If you have a corner sofa with a backless side, consider this style. You can fold the throw blanket for a more put-together look in half a few times and drape it down the front of the sofa. Or you can casually drape it down over the front of the sofa to bring a more relaxed feeling to the room.

Try as many ways as possible until you find the perfect match for your blanket and your couch, and when you find it, master it and make the best out of your room aesthetic.


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