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Is It Time to Exchange AVAX for ETH?

Avalanche and Ethereum share some similarities — for example, they both are Layer-1 blockchains. As base networks, they have huge potential and wide uses in the crypto world. The two coins also enjoy high reputability, so is it a good idea to convert AVAX to ETH at this point?We’ll be discussing this trading pair in our guide below. You’ll learn about both projects and price predictions to help you determine if you should go through with the trade!

AVAX Review

Avalanche is an exciting project that has positioned itself as the Ethereum rival from the very start. That means it offers many similar features while focusing on better transaction speed and scalability.The network uses AVAX as its native token. It’s the community that decides on the reward paid for minting new blocks, meaning holders determine the rate of how fast new tokens appear.Avalanche supports smart contracts and dApps, and it’s possible to create autonomous blockchains on the network. The creators indicate that Avalanche can process thousands of transfers per second, while Ethereum is still just over a dozen. The fees depend on the congestion and transaction type, and the burning mechanism for the fees maintains AVAX’s scarcity.Avalanche uses the PoS mechanism, which means token holders need to stake coins to process transactions. Those who become active validators and stake the most AVAX coins have the best chances to be selected as validators for new blocks.

AVAX Price Forecast

AVAX is currently worth around $17.5, and that shouldn’t change significantly during 2023. Realistic predictions put it at around $20 by the end of the year, while optimistic experts believe it could reach $30.By 2025, AVAX could be worth anywhere from $44 to $63. The growth trend will continue, and the coin might be valued anywhere from $170 to $350. While the latter could be a bit too optimistic, all experts agree that positive years are ahead for AVAX and the entire Avalanche project. If it proves to be a better option than ETH, its value could increase up to 20 times by the end of the decade.

ETH Investment Potential

Ethereum’s roots go back to 2013, which means it’s been around for an entire decade. The ETH coin spent most of this time right behind BTC in the crypto rankings, showing that this project still earns traders’ trust.At its core, Ethereum is a blockchain platform with native smart contract support. The network is a popular choice for DeFi and other decentralized apps. A huge upgrade called The Merge occurred in September 2022. Ethereum moved to the PoS consensus mechanism (it previously used PoW) to enhance the network’s scalability and security. Sharding is another concept that could contribute to Ethereum becoming more scalable. It’s an idea that resembles cloud computers since it involves dividing the database throughout the network, which increases the number of computers that deal with the workload, and it should speed up transaction time.While discussing investment potentials, don’t neglect other coins. For example, you can visit to learn more about RVN and how it could perform in the future.

ETH Price Forecast

As the second most valued cryptocurrency, ETH is currently valued at $1,829. Cautious predictors hope for a 10-20% increase by the end of the year, and they claim ETH could reach $2,100.  More optimistic ones put Ethereum at $3,900 by the end of 2023.By 2025, ETH could get closer to its all-time high of $4,880. Some claim its value would be at $4,500, while others even put it at $6,600. The calculations for 2030 are even more impressive, and the forecast puts ETH at anywhere from $17,800 to $38,500. If the latter comes true, that would be a more than 20x increase by the end of the decade.

Is It Possible to Profit from AVAX to ETH Exchange Now?

The forecasts believe both coins will grow during this and the following years. It’s all about estimating which token could grow faster. ETH has been through The Merge, and we can expect more improvements down the road, but AVAX seems like a decent alternative. Ultimately, the trading decision is yours, but make sure to pick a reliable exchange to perform the conversion!

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