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Key Tips For Finding Your Brand’s Voice

All it takes is one purchase for a consumer to become loyal to your brand.

But before you can even secure that sale, your brand must have a distinct voice that attracts customers looking to spend. Yet many companies overlook brand voice, focusing instead on details like logos and visual identifiers.

Read on for key tips to help you find and grow your brand’s voice to make the right kind of statement.

Know Who You’re Talking To

One of the very first steps for finding a brand’s voice is to know who the target audience is.

All communications, from web copy to social media comments, should speak directly to your ideal customer. Imagine who they are, what they like, and what kind of voice makes them feel connected to a brand.

Also, consider your position in comparison to your consumer. For example, do you want them to look up to your brand, meaning an authoritative voice might be best? Or is a peer-to-peer style better?

Consider these points and who you want to receive your brand’s messages in order to craft the perfect voice.

Leave an Impression

A solid brand leaves an impression. It isn’t forgettable or easily mixed up with competitors.

But aside from aiming to leave an impression, you have to identify the type of impression you want to leave. One of the most important brand voice tips is to start by deciding what will make your brand’s voice distinct.

Some brands are funny and witty, while others are casual and friendly. And some brands lean more towards being professional, educational, and wise.

Decide the type of impression you’d like to leave, and let the brand voice follow.

Align Brand Voice With Your Product

When you’re trying to find the right brand voice, it’s important to keep your product or service in mind.

Some make the mistake of separating branding from the product they offer. And in some cases, this may lead to a successful brand that people fall in love with, yet sales remain low due to the disconnect.

For example, a sportswear brand should typically have a powerful yet casual voice that motivates and relates to the needs of athletes. But a beauty product may have a gentler brand voice in comparison.

Work With the Pros

Sometimes, it takes professional marketers and branding experts to hone in on what makes your brand special in a way that you might not be able to pinpoint yourself.

Professional brand strategists can see the big picture and identify exactly what sets your brand apart from the crowd. If you’re struggling to find your brand’s voice on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Visit here for more information and examples of how an agency can help you tap into your brand’s identity.

Find Your Brand’s Voice With These Tips

Brand voice is crucial to the success of your brand, and customers will be able to relate to a brand better if it has a distinct voice.

Use these tips to find your brand’s voice to help grow your brand and business success.

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