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4 Tips For Small Business Growth in Turbulent Times

In a decade that is full of economic ups and downs, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get when starting a new business. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible challenge. In fact, for those who are willing to use a few unconventional tactics, the road to a stable and prosperous company can be much shorter. That’s not to minimize the importance of standard wisdom.

But it does help to use a unique approach in difficult times. The goal is to gain a competitive advantage, not dominate your niche. Success in the 2020s means focusing on niche marketing strategies. Additionally, savvy owners and managers leverage the power of Databricks clusters, build multiple income streams, and strive to innovate whenever possible. Here are specifics about each approach.

Focus On Niche Marketing Techniques

Niche marketing makes sense in just about any economic environment. But it works particularly well when a company needs to stand out in its segment. The general idea is to hone in on just one or two target markets. Those who spend time doing in-depth demographic research tend to get the best results.

Try to identify all the pain points and unique needs of your potential customers. Then, customize your company’s services and products for that group. After a while, you can become an expert in the needs and desires of a specific niche. That’s when the real benefits start to appear, like establishing a powerful brand identity and building a dedicated base of regular customers.

Optimize Runtimes With Databricks Clusters

Entrepreneurs who want to save money by optimizing Databricks clusters have a high potential for success. Not only does the practice have the power to accelerate runtimes, but it can achieve substantial long-term cost savings. When clusters are too large, costs tend to be higher than necessary. When they’re too small, performance suffers. That’s just one reason it makes sense to match workloads to cluster sizes. The overall aim is to manage cluster sizes efficiently.

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What does it take to hit the sweet spot? In addition to scaling, users need to perform regular monitoring based on the realistic needs of the business. Fortunately, autoscaling is a highly efficient way to deal with volatile workloads and keep costs way down during slow periods. Several Databricks features let users prioritize essential tasks to reach optimal efficiency levels. For managers who want to keep runtimes as low as possible, CQ (code-and-query) optimization is the go-to strategy. All the methods contribute in their ways to higher productivity and lower overall costs.


Innovation is a universal weapon in the world of business. It begins with managers who know how to think outside the box and encourage their team members to do the same. Among the most common innovative solutions are several that have a long history of achieving high success rates. Finding ways to reduce expenses, streamline everyday operations, and give more value to customers are three that can work in any industry and for organizations of all sizes.

Leaders need to foster an innovation-minded environment where alternative solutions and suggestions are rewarded. Part of the innovation puzzle is adaptation. Managers who know how to respond to many kinds of market conditions can survive in just about any situation.

Create Multiple Streams of Income

There’s always a high element of risk when owners rely on one income source. The wise way to avoid that trap is to diversify the company’s income streams. How to begin? Consider offering additional services or products, utilizing a subscription sales model, and being on the lookout for new sources of revenue. Some of the nation’s largest tax preparation firms offer investment and financial planning advice during the off-season.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.