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Bitcoin 101: 5 Pro Tips for Trading Bitcoin

Without a doubt, you’ve heard about the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The digital coin and its companions are expected to become ‘the new normal‘ by 2025 according to Pew Research.

Bitcoin 101: 5 Pro Tips for Trading Bitcoin

So how can someone get into the world of trading bitcoin? It’s a process, to be sure, but below you’ll find some quick tips to help you get started!

1.Do Your Research

It cannot be stressed enough — trading bitcoin isn’t something you should pick up just for the fun of it. You stand to lose actual money on this digital currency.

Therefore, the top tips for buying bitcoin always involve committing to financial research.

Find trusted sources that keep up with market trends and learn how to read the market.

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It’s almost like speaking another language. It takes time and effort, so don’t expect to put down $5 and hit it big.

2. Create Accounts of Multiple Sites

Buying and trading bitcoins is a lot like doing so with any other currency. There are certain rules and regulations in place as well as market trends that dictate the best times for traders to offload their investments.

As such, most trading platforms require some form of verification. VirgoCX, for example, asks for basic information before you can learn how to buy bitcoin on its platform.

Since the verification process can take a few days, those looking to jump straight into the world of bitcoin trading should consider starting accounts with multiple trading platforms.

Not only will this help you get started faster, but you’ll have access to a wider variety of trading tools and resources.

3. Start Small

Seeing stories about bitcoin millionaires is inspiring and exciting. However, it’s important to remember that these successes didn’t happen overnight.

Even the most seasoned trader had to start small while they learned the ropes.

To keep yourself from going overboard, set limits for yourself. The great thing about how to trade bitcoin is that it only takes a few dollars to get started.

4. Consider a Stop-Loss

In conjunction with the previous tip, we can’t recommend creating a stop-loss policy enough.

If you’re unfamiliar, a stop-loss order is a mechanism that allows investors to sell their investment once they lose a certain value. This keeps the investor from losing more value should their investment continue to drop.

Odds are that you’ll lose a bit of money as you start trading and buying bitcoin. Since the crypto market is notoriously finicky, knowing when to initiate a stop-loss can help you save quite a bit of coin.

5. Diversify Your Portfolio

As with any good investment, the key to learning how to trade bitcoin is figuring out how to diversify. Though bitcoin remains among the most popular cryptocurrencies, similar digital monies like Dogecoin and Ethereum rival bitcoin’s popularity.

To strengthen your portfolio, and thus your finances, consider using your bitcoin earnings to invest in other popular currencies.

Many trading platforms offer the option from within their ecosystems, making the process far less complicated than you might expect.

Trading Bitcoin and Understanding the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Investing and trading in bitcoin is all about proper research and planning. Start small so you can minimize your losses early on and get a feel for the market’s fluctuation.

Before you know it, you’ll be trading bitcoin like the best of ’em!

For more tips on trading bitcoin and learning about the world of cryptocurrency, make sure to check out our other tech content!


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