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Top Ways to Earn Some Extra Money Online

Making money online is the new way of the work culture. And it’s a remote one! More than ¼ of Americans earn an extra income from side gigs. Besides financial stability, you can put aside the funds for earlier retirement, paying off a debt, or buying a new car. The options are limitless.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Knowing where to start can be quite consuming and challenging. You can read our article to find out more about the possible ways to earn extra money online.

Take Small Tasks Online

Doing small tasks online has been a popular earning method for years. Tasks selection is expanding as time passes; nowadays, anyone can participate because those tasks do not take a lot of time and do not require any previous experience or knowledge.

Usually, the websites and apps that offer such an opportunity have multiple micro task options such as playing games or filling out surveys. Needless to say that every task is done online, you do not need to leave your home.

Participate in Focus Groups

You’ve probably heard about focus groups and their way of work. This is a good chance to earn more money if you are near some clinical trial or a research study center. Focus groups pay participants for their opinion, feedback, and service regarding a particular task.

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The signup process is easy, you fill out your information, follow the progress of your application and then if you are accepted, you are good to go! You can check a lot of clinical trials San Antonio, or in different locations in the USA, depending on your demographics.


If you are interested to make money fast, then you can do that by researching the web. It requires little effort and all you need to do is install an add-on to your browser and conduct a search.

There might be some sponsored search results, but you will be rewarded for the listings that offer a reward. To collect your reward, you need to click on it and get paid.

Market Trading

Market trading is another option to earn money while investing in some online platforms. There are a lot of platforms that offer a free account creation process and will let you see, follow and copy the investments of the other traders.

You should be aware that all of the tradings involve a particular risk, so make sure you are informed about the process. Firstly, you can start with a smaller amount and then upgrade.

Create Your Website

Generating a passive income is a great way to earn money while you sleep. One way to do that is to build a website. You can either do it yourself from scratch or use a website-builder platform and pay a certain fee.

There are a lot of platforms that will allow you to create your dream design and it only takes a bit of plugging into social media to get your visitors. This way, you can monetize your site and earn money.

Kindle eBook

If you have the required writing skills and you are good at writing and researching, publishing an eBook on Kindle is the perfect option for you. On the Kindle store, you will make money on Amazon since everybody can publish and sell a book.

The app is available on all devices, well almost, so you will have a large audience. Make sure the topic you’ll be elaborating on is something you are good at, have knowledge and experience in it and you have all of the relevant data to turn it into a book.

The key to success when writing and publishing a book is to create value. You can simply build the information you have gathered and compiled it into a digital format. And lastly, make sure you have a good cover design because people will remember your design. Choose one that stands out.

a man working on his laptop


Fiverr is a great platform to find a lot of part-time gigs. It’s become the world’s largest marketplace where people sell small services. You could search for anything, from translation to writing, social media posting, creating music, or playing pranks.

The default price is $5 per hour, but you can have more gigs at the same time, of course, if you have the time and capability for it. There are a lot of examples where people are living off Fiver and making a great income there.

Buy Domain Names

You probably haven’t heard about this, but you can buy and sell domain names. A domain name is the website address and it can cost from less than a dollar up to thousands of dollars. You can make a good profit quickly with a little bit of research.

The key is to find available domains that can have commercial value and later on sell them to some companies or individual businesses.

Create an App

While the world has gone nuts about the latest technologies, there are a couple of opportunities you can use if you are tech-savvy. You can make money by creating paid apps or selling them to companies.

This is an excellent way to hone your skills and even use no-code app builder tools where little to no coding experience is required.


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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