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Fifteen Tools Every Nail Technician Needs To Have

Nail technicians have the ability to create beautiful and unique nail arts. They can use numerous shades, stones, stickers, and various other things to make nail art, which the customer needs.

But being a professional means utilizing proper equipment to make the type of designs you wish.

With the right set of tools, your tasks will not only be simple. But will also fulfill the client’s nail care requirements.

The tools used by the best nail technicians can be easily purchased from beauty salon suppliers, but what exactly are these tools? Let’s find out through this post.

1. The Nail Polish Racks

The first thing that a customer will get to see when they walk in is the impressive display of nail paint shades. It’s highly recommended to keep an attractive and completely-organized rack. This is mainly owing to how it’s an excellent way to lure in all the new customers to your nail salon.

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Apart from that, if there’s a massive visual representation of all shades, it will become easier for the professional to tempt any customer to get a manicure. Customers will also have the liberty to pick the shade/shades they desire from your displayed collection.

2. Towelettes

Towelettes are items that every nail technician keeps at their salon. They are daily use products that are required wiping of access nail polish or water. When choosing the towelettes make sure that quality isn’t compromised in the temptation of something more affordable.

Look for towelettes that are made from top-quality materials and don’t leave out any fibers on the polished nails.

3. The Nail Station

While running a nail salon, installing a working station is highly vital. Installing a nail station is compulsory since all the nail-related work will be carried out on it.

Therefore, when you make a decision on a nail salon space, make sure to measure the room where the station will be. Be sure to get a station that will suit your budget.

4. Disinfectant

Proper sanitation of any and all nail-related equipment is highly compulsory when looking to work with your customers. When you clean them properly, it will prevent various types of bacteria or infections from taking place.

Make sure that you don’t work with dirty equipment and also always clean them properly after attending working with each client.

5. Nail Buffer And File

Nail files, like it or not, are unquestionably one of the most important pieces of equipment that any nail technician should have. They aid in the preparation, filing, and shape of your customer’s nails before the application of nail paint.

Nail buffers, on the other hand, are vital nail equipment as well. Ones that offer a bit of shine on acrylics or natural nails.

You will easily find the simple file and buffer easily both in the physician and online store. They are available at a cheap price and as a nail tech, you must have both of these tools.

6. The Nail Drill

The bulk of nail professionals nowadays utilizes nail drills. These drills might assist in completing the task fast and without any delays. When it comes to removing fake nail extensions, it can be done so fast with a drill.

This is due to the fact that utilizing the conventional files will take some time to look through. In addition, you may employ the nail drill to clean, shape, and backfill your nails. It can also access areas where regular files are unable to access.

7. Nail Drill Bits

You will find the drill bits for the equipment available in a myriad of materials. These include ceramic-based or metallic, etc. When the choice is made for the most suitable drill bits for your task, it will surely grant you incredible outcomes.

But remember one thing, all bits are not intended for the same type of work. For instance, barrel ones are ideally used for the surface area and the UNC ones are used for the area beneath the nails.

8. Nail Polish Remover Pads [For Glitter Nail Polish]

On certain occasions, it becomes pretty difficult to take nail polishes cleanly off when they carry glitter. You might feel pretty frustrated when you just can’t get all the glitter removed properly at once.

So, what must you do here? Well, you should keep a full stack of polish remover pads for nails. These pads will effectively get rid of all existing glitter, allowing you to apply a fresh coat of nail polish.

9. Hard Gel

There are plenty of nail techs who are not made aware of what the hard gel is. They are also made out of acrylic materials but that does not imply that they’re the same as any of the conventional acrylics available in the larger market.

Hard gels tend to offer plenty of flexibility and eliminate the need to shape the extensions at any given time before the complete curing of the hard gel needs UV or LED lighting.

10. LED Lamp For Nails

The LED lights can easily cure all the gel polish, hard gels, along with soft gels too. As a professional technician, you will need to make sure that the manicure or artwork is done on time.

Due to such reasons, you will absolutely need these LED lights to finish the job quickly and effectively. When you utilize these lamps it will take just 30 seconds to cure the polish

11. The Dip Powders

Dip powders are used to help make unique and beautiful manicures effectively. These days, making use of dip powders has become pretty popular and it’s basically because they are odorless, gentle, and also durable at the same time.

Remember, the manicures made from dip powder will last much longer when compared with the manicures made from gel polish.

12. TheTop & Base Coat

A premium base coat is irreplaceable and will ensure that the nail polish adheres effectively. Along with that, the manicure also lasts for a much longer time.

Additionally, using a good-quality base coat can keep your own nails from developing yellow residue from nail paints. In addition, the topcoat will give an enviable gloss to your nails and ensure that the paint does not crack.

13. Cotton Balls & Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is the preferred nail polish cleaner since it destroys any enhancing agents far quicker than any other type of remover. Nail technicians will typically use cotton balls, gauze, and an acetone remover to get the gel nail polish off, conventional nail paint, acrylic nail expansions, and hard gel additions.

14. Nail Polish Wall Racks

A smart professional will have an abundance of nail paints to satisfy the clients. Now all you’ll need is a space to keep your collection safely.

The answer is to install racks on the manicure shop walls. Furthermore, your polish rack will assist in impressing and attracting consumers.

15. Nail Glue, Tips & Forms

When a client requests long nails, a standard approach recommends that they try out nail tips with a nail adhesive. The tips, much like nail forms, assist the nail technician in determining the proper nail length.

Nail technicians typically employ nail tips with classic acrylics, dip powders, and gels. Nail forms are similar to nail stickers that aid in the formation of nails without the use of nail tips.


So, go ahead and buy these fifteen nail salon tools right away. You wouldn’t want a lack of the necessary tools to have an impact on your talents and job, would you?

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