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Top-3 Payment Methods In iGaming

If you are a fan of iGaming entertainment and want to play for real, you should know about trusted and handy payment methods you can use for depositing money and withdrawing winnings.

In this review, you can get an insight into the popular financial gateways available on most gaming sites. Interested in knowing how to use your credit card at an iGaming website? If yes, then scroll down and pick the method that can fully meet your requirements.

Credit Cards For Betting Payments

Credit cards are probably one of the most widespread payment methods you can experience in iGaming, including betting platforms and such. Speaking about the main advantages of depositing/withdrawing using credit cards, their wide acceptance should be mentioned.

If you analyze the iGaming market, you can find that many gambling sites accept credit cards as this is the most popular option. It is fairly handy: players do not need to find alternative ways to place a deposit. 

At the same time, some iGaming platforms (including online casinos) allow only depositing via this financial gateway, so you should consider that. Also, if you decide to top up the balance using a credit card, the whole process will not take you more than a minute. After registration on the site, you need to add card details (type, number, expiration date, and so on), specify the amount you want to deposit, and submit the action. 

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A lot of players highly evaluate credit cards’ security features. Credit card holders can take advantage of multiple fraud protection services and advanced security protocols. By using them, you can count that your personal/financial data will not be leaked. Currently, iGaming sites accept a wide variety of cards, but the most widespread among UK-based gamblers are the following: Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.

Paying With eWallets In Online Gaming

Electronic wallets are the second-popular most way to deposit or withdraw money from your balance. An e-wallet is a payment system that allows you to buy, keep, sell, and exchange your assets almost immediately. You can easily connect an e-wallet to a particular credit card, your bank account, or even another payment method and manage your funds from any device that has an Internet connection. 

Among the key advantages of digital wallets are the following: transaction speed, privacy, mobile-friendliness, and the fact that this is a type of transaction not blocked by banks. Compared to the previous option, e-wallets allow for processing transactions even faster (including withdrawals) and without delays, thanks to less regulation. Plus, you do not need to share with gaming sites your personal or financial information, which decreases the possibility of fraudulent activity. 

Another advantage is that you can use e-wallets from smartphones/tablets (via the mobile version of the site or dedicated apps) to be able to enjoy your favorite games on the go and in any place. Also, modern digital wallets allow you to use multiple currencies with fairly low conversion rates. At the time of writing, the most trusted e-wallets in iGaming are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. UK gamblers can use them almost at any gaming site.

Cryptocurrencies As A Payment Option In iGaming

The essence of cryptocurrency is the following: it is digital money that plays the role of a medium of exchange using a special network. One of the main features of this method is that it is not regulated by authorities, does not have any credit rating, and does not require intermediaries to perform transactions. Besides, there are lots of cryptocurrencies mined at the moment, so many modern iGaming sites allow you to use digital money to deposit/withdraw funds. 

Moreover, some up-to-date gaming sites completely switch to cryptocurrencies refusing fiat money. This payment method does not require any regulatory body (bank or other financial institution) that requires an ID check to process transactions. Also, it shows low transaction fees. As a result, you need to pay almost zero or no fees at all to process transactions (it is also related to the absence of intermediaries). 

Using cryptocurrency, you can count that your data will not to be hacked thanks to the advanced cryptographic algorithms and security layers. If you are looking for popular cryptocurrencies which are available at most iGaming platforms, then you should pay attention to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and Binance.


iGaming is currently one of the most rapidly developing industries that quickly expand its audience. To meet the needs of a lot of clients, many iGaming companies try to implement various digital payments, where the most popular are credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. To stay afloat in such a highly-competitive environment, they offer all these financial gateways at once. 

At the same time, according to statistics, the number of iGaming resources that accept mostly (or only) cryptocurrency is constantly growing. It indicates that this is the most promising payment method in iGaming and that in the future, there will be more companies that will be focused on depositing and withdrawing using exclusively digital money. 

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