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Top 4 Actionable Cyber Security Tips For Digital Startups

In 2019, the World Economic Forum ranked data breaches as the 4th most serious business risk and cyber threats as the 5th in their Global Risk Report. A few years ago, the tale was different. Startups were mostly worried about heavy taxation but the game has changed and technological advancements have brought about detrimental security risks. 

As a digital startup, how can you protect your company from malicious hackers? Here are 4 ways to make your digital startup more secure. 

Always Have The Latest Security Software

Hackers are evolving with technology and are getting better at their job. This is why you can’t solely count on firewall software and antivirus to fully mitigate your security risks. Cybercriminals often look for vulnerabilities in plugins and software and then use them to access company data. 

If you use plugins on your site, ensure they are updated to the latest version as soon as it’s released or enable auto-updates. You should also consider using premium versions of antiviruses to prevent inadvertent attacks. 

Email scanning will limit the number of security threats from email links and attachments. 

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Use Secure WIFI Networks

cyber security

Always operate on a secure wifi network that is encrypted, hidden, and secure to prevent sensitive data from being leaked. A study by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) found that most breached accounts use 123456 as their password.

Use a strong password to hinder access by third-party sources and familiarize yourself with the best practices for secure WIFI networks before accessing any FAANG websites. If you’re using a virtual private network, ensure you conduct VPN testing to reduce the chances of your IP address leaking. Use this review site to check out Torguards Assessment. 

Back-Up All Important Information

At the startup stage, you are probably still gathering customer data and using it to make the most out of your limited assets. What would happen if that data was breached and compromised? It would set you back several steps or worst-case scenario, force you to shut down!  

Always back up all important information and consider disaster recovery strategies in case you are faced with a cybersecurity threat. You should also come up with an action plan for when you lose data access and a process of getting vital systems back online. 

Use SVN To Store Your Source Code

As a digital startup, the code on which your app or website is based is your most important asset. If you’re reckless with it, your company will virtually become valueless. Don’t save your source code in your dropbox or google drive but instead store it on SVN that makes accessibility convenient and provides reliable security. 

SVN also allows you to limit access to users, allowing developers to work on a segment of your code without gaining full access. 

Keep Your Digital Startup Secure

cyber security

The best way to propel your digital startup’s growth is by protecting it from cybersecurity threats. Other security tips include keeping your customer’s data safe, constantly testing your code’s vulnerability, and creating a privacy policy, and sharing it with your employees. 


Clear cybersecurity tips like these can go a long way to avoiding a disaster, but they’ve just scratched the surface of how the customers can be trained and secure.

Never think that you are exempted to cyber threats because you don’t visit unsafe sites. Continue educating yourself to a more comprehensive cyber education

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